The Opening-Up of the Heart (広げる胸, Hirogeru Mune) is the ninety-fourth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Shuu Tsukiyama introduces himself to Naki and the White Suits, who question if he is an ally, even though Naki does not remember him. Tsukiyama, knowing Naki's poor memory, attacks Koori Ui who blocks the attack, and both state they owe a debt for the other.

At Akihiro Kanou's lab, Nishiki Nishio holds Kanou with his kagune and says his Aogiri hunt has borne fruit. Kurona Yasuhisa, not knowing the newcomer, contemplates whether Nishiki is trying to kill Kanou, who suddenly commands his Quinx to kill Nishiki. The Quinx dash at Nishiki but he effortlessly kicks them in half while mocking Kanou's experiments. To his surprise, Shikorae cuts Nishiki's kagune, and Okahira saves the freed Kanou before he falls to the ground. Nishiki attempts to catch them but is immediately impaled by Roma Hoito's kagune. Roma mentions she is helping Kanou as a request from Souta.

Tooru Mutsuki jumps and releases his kagune at Seidou Takizawa but misses. Seidou catches one of Mutsuki's kagune and skewers Mutsuki's abdomen. Mutsuki hurls blood on Seidou, causing him to stagger and miss. Mutsuki immediately kicks Seidou's groin - making him fall back - and pins him to the ground with his kagune and proceeds to crush Takizawa's testicles. Mutsuki looks back at Akira Mado, saying that they might have a chance. Just as Mutsuki attacks Seidou, Akira jumps in and gets eviscerated, saving Seidou.

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