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F's Lie (fの嘘, Efu no Uso) is the ninety-third chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Koori Ui lunges at Miza Kusakari and requests her to be economical and give up because she is very likely to die now. He tells her to end her own life. Miza disregards his command and states that she will continue fighting until her last breath, thinking about how glad she is to die by Naki's side. Just as Miza prepares to embrace an attack, to her surprise, Naki appears in front to block the attack, saying her kagune would not have been able to defend her. He says that he was just catching a break. Hooguro, Shousei Idera and various White Suits appear to assist just as Naki boasts how he will not die until he does something capable of impressing Yakumo Oomori in death. He procees to crack his knuckles.

At Akihiro Kanou's lab, the released batch of Quinx chase Kurona Yasuhisa, while she retaliates by repeatedly slashing them. She stops to think about how she will get tired if she keeps this up because there are too many. Unaware, Okahira grabs Kurona from behind and tells her it is nothing personal, stating they did not have a choice before locking her head and snapping her neck. Kurona manages to escape his grip and her head recuperates. Facing Kanou from the ceiling, she mentions that she knows who Kanou really is.

Kurona remembers meeting Kanou while she attended the Academy Junior School. To their disbelief, Kanou insisted that their parents were murdered by the CCG. Unconvinced, Kanou introduced the twins to an underground research facility where the CCG conducted ghoulification experiments, mentioning that he cooperated with them. Yasuhisa's family incurred massive debt so the CCG offered to relieve them of their debt in exchange, use the Yasuhisa Mansion to develop the facility. Nanao Yasuhisa was sickened by the ethically questionable research and attempted to leak information. Before he could so, him and his wife were murdered. When asked how he knows then, Kanou reveals that he too was a part of this research. Kanou motivated the twins to help him complete the ghoulification experiment in order to redeem their parents' legacies. Some time after the experiment, Kurona visited Kanou's office lined with frames of preserved insect collections, including a hybrid "scorpion butterfly." Kanou was enthusiastic to hear Kurona's news of her newly developed kagune and asks her to show him.

Kurona calls Kanou a mad scientist but he mockingly replies back. Suddenly, a kagune wraps around Kanou and Nishiki Nishio reveals himself, whom Kanou immediately recognizes.

Taishi Fura, Kuramoto Itou, and Takeomi Kuroiwa are ordered to group against the ghouls. Miza suggests Naki to fight together as a united front just as Shuu Tsukiyama and two hooded figures introduce themselves and offer to help.