Above (うえ, Ue) is the ninety-first chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Akihiro Kanou welcomes Kurona Yasuhisa to his laboratory, claiming it's been a long time since she visited and asking what she wants. Though she wants to kill him internally, she waits and reveals the deformed figure on her stomach, demanding Kanou to save Nashiro Yasuhisa. Kanou laughs, stating that he is not Dr. Frankenstein and cannot raise the dead. Angered, Kurona claims that Nashiro is alive because she is capable of breathing, eating, and speaking. Kanou ponders and concludes that the sounds produced from the deformed figure on Kurona's stomach are actually gas escaping from the body, not speech. He also concludes the reason for Nashiro appearing to eat, is actually just Kurona taking in food from these holes. Then he states the reason she sees Nashiro's face is because she is imagining it, which is a phenomenon known as pareidolia. Kurona then decides that she wants to kill Kanou, so the latter immediately introduces a product of his Quinx surgery, Okahira. He claims that he wants to know which of the two former experiments are better.

Koutarou Amon is on the floor while Seidou Takizawa scolds Amon for attempting to save him, charging at him afterward. Amon states that he cannot match Seidou's kagune formation while attempting to dodge his attacks. Seidou jumps on his back, pierces through Amon's back with his kagune, and knocks him out. He calls Amon a failed creation, just as Kanou had proclaimed. Amon recovers, saying that Seidou is someone who must repent for his sins and that he knows his true strengths and weaknesses, recalling that Seidou is a CCG investigator. Seidou yells at him to shut up, questioning if Amon wants him to die as they charge at each other, crossing kagunes. Seidou manages to impale Amon's chest.

Seidou turns back to Akira Mado, mentioning what Amon had just said about him repenting for his sins and asking who is right, but she does not respond. His left eye is suddenly struck by a Scorpion 1/56.

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