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Inherited Feelings (継情, Keijō) is the ninth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Akira Mado and Haise Sasaki visit Shimoguchi at the hospital. Akira offers him sympathy for losing his underlings and asks him what happened during the investigation at Torso’s home.

She explains to Haise that the SS-rated Black Rabbit of Aogiri Tree is a young but extremely dangerous ghoul, who increasingly became stronger over the three-year period, and was responsible for killing the ghoul investigators of the 20th ward, as well as the Associate Special Class investigators of the 7th ward. Akira thinks that Black Rabbit, together with Hinami, had murdered her father, Kureo Mado. She states that some unknown data had been stolen from Torso’s residence. Akira mentions that Aogiri Tree employs ghouls to do tasks, and also takes in ghouls whose positions in society have worsened. They escalate in power by establishing more branches. Haise is surprised that Akira expresses sadness over Shimoguchi’s loss.

At the CCG Headquarters, Urie visits Shiba with the intention of strengthening his kagune. Shiba explains the biology of the Quinx: The Quinx surgery was inspired by Akihiro Kanou’s kakuhou transplant surgery on Haise Sasaki. This process is similar to the manufacture of quinque. However, the kakuhou extracted from the ghoul is coated in quinque steel and is implanted into the human body. The implanted kakuhou has a frame with 5 levels used to regulate the limits of the kakuhou. Currently, all of the Quinx's rates are set on F2 (equivalent to 40%), but if one were to increase the frame’s level, a more powerful kagune could be used. Shiba recommends Urie not to increase his level. Urie dismisses his advice.

Rank 2 Investigator, Takeomi Kuroiwa, asks Urie about Sasaki’s health. Because Takeomi Kuroiwa was able to subdue Haise in his uncontrollable state, Urie grows jealous, thinking that Takeomi is being conceited. In Urie's internal monologue, Urie remembers how he grieved by his father’s coffin. He mentions that Takeomi’s father, Iwao Kuroiwa, left his father to die when he could have fought beside him. Urie refuses to forgive him. He concludes that although Iwao lost an arm while battling the One-Eyed Owl, he should have died instead since Takeomi does not know how it feels to lose a parent.

At Torso’s residence, Ayato advises Torso that leaving Aogiri would not be easy once he joined, and to think carefully before joining. Ayato asks Torso if someone by the name of "Sasaki" is among the Quinx.

Haise, Shirazu, and Mutsuki discuss a new target called "Nutcracker," a woman who enjoys crushing testicles and slurping out the fluid. Haise reveals that Suzuya is responsible for this case since he is currently in the 13th ward. He cluelessly mentions that the first time Suzuya saw him, he was given a sum of money.

Before going home, Haise suggests stopping at a coffee shop because he always enjoyed visiting various cafes. They halt at a signboard marked ":re", wondering how the word should be read. They enter the café.

Touka berates Yomo for not welcoming their customers. She is astonished as she confronts a confused Haise.