You Ought to Vomit (嘔吐すべき, Ōto Subeki) is the eighty-ninth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Seidou Takizawa finishes interrupting the fight between Tatara and Kousuke Houji. Tatara attempts to burn Takizawa but misses. Seidou launches multiple ukaku shards and lands on his back, ripping portions of Tatara's kakuja off, which causes Tatara to release fire, scorching Seidou and lighting him on fire as Mado watches in horror. Takizawa immediately recovers, revealing his kakuja mask and charges at Tatara again, striking his abdomen.

Just as he prepares to attack again and eat him, he is interrupted by Yumitsu Tomoe, who attacks with her quinque. Seidou catches the blade and punches Yumitsu multiple times, then throwing her while holding the quinque. He rushes at Tatara, impaling his head with Yumitsu's quinque. He finishes Tatara off by striking his abdomen with his kagune blade.

Seidou looks at the CCG while waiting for their response, expecting praise. To Seidou's surprise, Houji orders the CCG to attack Seidou. Enraged, Seidou beheads Houji and murders the CCG troops.

He expresses his wishes of saving the CCG while choking Akira Mado, saying that he wanted to be redeemed as a hero for killing Tatara but Akira argues that Seidou is still a human-killing ghoul, angering him. He tightens his grip, suffocating Akira when suddenly Koutarou Amon cuts Seidou's arm off, saving Akira.

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