Blast (はっぱ, Happa) is the eighty-eighth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Tatara greets Kousuke Houji, for everything is going to end today, as his kagune envelops his body, revealing his kakuja. Houji taunts Tatara about killing his brother. He charges a blast of fire against the CCG troops, burning and instantly scorching many of them. Mado explains that his Kagune produces fumes that can cause flames, to which Houji replies that the "wood" fueling thee flames are Tatara's hatred of him.

Akira Mado struggles to maintain her defense, orders the troops who cannot evade to retreat, and uses Fueguchi Two to block the blast, while contemplating that they have to seize an opening or weakness. Houji reveals Iitsuu and thinks that as long as Tatara resembles Yan, he should have an opening. Houji spent two and a half years in China, fighting Yan. Houji rushes at Tatara and strikes his abdomen, but Tatara easily counters, and Houji dodges. While dodging, Houji states that Tatara will not be able to hit him with the strikes he inherited from his older brother.

Tatara staggers and Houji orders Akira to give him Chi She. As Houji is about to strike Tatara, the ghoul suddenly gets in front of him and prepares to incinerate his opponent. However, Seidou Takizawa interrupts the fight.

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