White Rainbow (白虹, Hakkō or Shironiji) is the eighty-sixth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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When leaving Cochlea, Ken Kaneki and Take Hirako come across Eto who then greets the young man. Claiming that she will die soon, she explains that she helped his Anteiku friends escape. Eto tells Kaneki that he no longer needs to hear her request for killing the One-Eyed King.

After Touka Kirishima had continuously taken on attacks from the two ghoul investigators, Renji Yomo and the Gas Masks begin their attack on Mougan Tanakamaru and Kiyoko Aura. As they are doing so, Touka asks Kazuichi Banjou to help Ayato Kirishima immediately. While Yomo was distracted by Kiyoko killing the Gas Masks, Mougan used this window of time to shove his quinque into the ghoul's stomach and obliterate him in a single blow. When Kiyoko and Mougan prepare to finish off the remaining ghouls, 0 Squad interferes and stops the two investigators from using their quinques. While both Mougan and Kiyoko questioned Hirako about his actions, he casually pulls out a resignation letter and prepares his quinque.

Kaneki goes over the things Eto had told him. She reveals that she wants to fix the world by destroying it, i.e the status quo, and that the ghoul that killed Arima would be a beacon of hope for ghouls everywhere. Kaneki makes his way to the investigators, calling himself the One-Eyed King.

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