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White Box (しろい箱, Shiroi Hako) is the eighty-fifth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Ken Kaneki holds Kishou Arima's dead corpse while Take Hirako and members of Arima Squad confront him. Kaneki tells Hirako that he killed Arima. Hirako approaches Arima's body, despite Kaneki's threats, and tells him that he has no intention of fighting him. He calls Kaneki a terrible liar. The members of Arima Squad, who are children, request Hirako to say goodbye to Arima. Hirako states that the children from the Sunlit Garden idolize Arima and that he is only an underling. Hirako mentions that the 0 Squad have been ordered by Arima to assist Kaneki's escape.

Matsuri Washuu contacts Kuki Urie to inform him about the situation on the ship. He lies, stating that Itsuki Marude committed suicide after discovering that Yoshitoki Washuu was killed by an unknown assailant. Urie's squad is ordered to rendezvous with Houji. Matsuri discards his gun and laments over his father's death, cursing Marude.

At Rushima, multiple CCG investigators cautiously approach Tatara. Houji insists Akira Mado to fight under the assumption that he will die.

At Cochlea, Hirako gives the necktie pin, which was a present from Kaneki to Arima, back to him on Arima's wish. Kaneki comments that he never got to see Arima wearing it. He then recites passages from the poem, "Song of the Old Ainu" while recalling the time he has spent with Arima. Kaneki kneels before Arima's body with his hands resting on the broken Owl quinque, his pose similar to a knight's salute. He claims that Arima was his teacher, father, and he was so happy.


  • Kaneki recites portions from Hakushū Kitahara's poem "Song of the Old Ainu."
  • The line "You were my teacher and my father" comes from Chirin's Bell, a children's book about a lamb raised by a wolf.
  • "Song of the Old Ainu" was also recited by Kaneki during his first encounter with Arima in V14 in Chapter 139.