Wings Bestowed (羽 与えられ, Hane Ataerare) is the eighty-fourth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Making their way out of Cochlea, Touka Kirishima tells the group to stop as they are confronted by Investigators Kiyoko Aura and Mougan Tanakamaru. Mougan uses Higher Mind to fire at the group of ghouls. Telling the rest to stand back, Hinami Fueguchi blocks the blast with her kagune but is injured in the process. Mougan notes that she has a fearsome Kagune for taking the blast. Enraged at whats happened to Hinami, Ayato Kirishima charges Mougan. As Ayato continues to attack the ghoul investigator, Kiyoko comes to aid him and uses her quinque, Zebizu, to fire at the ghoul. Failing to notice the quinque's tracking, Ayato is hit by its missiles and wounded. Mougan and Kiyoko prepare to finish him off, but as they are about to do so both of their shots are blocked by the eruption of Touka's kagune.

Making their way towards Ken Kaneki, Take Hirako tells 0 Squad to stop.

Shinme Haisaki watches the monitors and loses his composure over whats happened in Cochlea, failing to notice that Donato Porpora's cell had been opened, Donato rips off the warden's head and tosses it off to the side. Uta tosses a Clown mask to Donato as they depart, stating that it is time to meet the "King."

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