I Heard The Door Closing (門のとじる音をきいた, Mon no Tojiru Oto o Kiita) is the eighty-third chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Shocked, Ken Kaneki runs toward Kishou Arima, who had just slit his throat, as he gushes blood from his neck while falling. Holding him, Kaneki reproaches Arima's actions, yelling at him, however, Arima insists on listening to what he is about to disclose. Arima states that he does not have much time left and that he is accelerating his death.

The Sunlit Garden students, Hairu Ihei, Nimura Furuta, and Arima have ghoul parents and are failed hybrids - half-humans. Arima's glaucoma, which is a common degenerative disease in the elderly, is a result of him being a half-human. Arima asks Kaneki what the outcome of a child born between a human and a ghoul is, to which Kaneki replies that while most children die, a half-ghoul like Eto is rare, but Arima disagrees, stating that half-humans are more common. Half-humans inherit enhanced physical capabilities, do not always manifest a kagune, and can eat regular food, however, they age prematurely. Arima reveals that the Washuu Clan are ghouls and that perhaps they, V, just want to become human.

Itsuki Marude confronts Yoshitoki Washuu while holding a gun up to him. He disagrees with a statement from ''King Bileygr'', which claims that the Washuu Clan are cooperating with ghouls. While Marude himself doesn't 100% believe in the book, he privately investigated Yoshitoki's actions but found nothing suspicious until he viewed records for the Rc Scan Gate. He discovered that certain individuals such as Arima, members of Arima Squad Zero Squad from the Garden, Ching-Li Hsiao, and members of the Washuu clan do not trigger the Rc scan gate's alarms. Marude concludes that the Washuu are not ghoul conspirators, but ghouls themselves and shoots Yoshitoki.

Several investigators including Matsuri Washuu react to the shooting. Yoshitoki springs back up while revealing his kakugan, disappointed in Marude. Marude recalls meeting Yoshitoki, thinking about how everything has been a lie, and that Hideyoshi Nagachika was right.

Kaneki learns that the ghouls Yoshimura worked for were from the Washuu Clan. Confused, Kaneki asks Arima what he wants from him. Arima requests Kaneki to claim himself as Arima's killer, telling Kaneki that he will soon understand what Arima wishes. Kaneki understands, so he thanks him. Arima states how he has always hated taking from others and is glad that he could leave something behind. Arima attempts to call Haise's name on his last dying breath as he loses his consciousness. Kaneki cries while holding Arima's dead body.

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  • The butterfly released by Arima this chapter was caught by him first in Chapter 74. The butterfly symbolizes all the things he had to bear throughout his life.

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