Into The Heart (心臓を, Shinzō o) is the eighty-second chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Furuta, thanks to his enhanced senses, notes that the owl Quinque has been destroyed. After defeating Eto in battle, Nimura Furuta comments on a ghoul's abilities and thanks Akihiro Kanou for the operation he had done. Lying against a wall beaten and bruised, Eto asks Furuta about the source of his kagune being from Rize, which he confirms. Furuta comments about Eto not confirming about the One-Eyed King, and claims he has more business to attend to. Eto questions Furuta about his true intentions, to which he states that he wants "super peace" and dances away, leaving Eto confused.

Kaneki tells Arima that the battle is over now that his Quinque is broken. With his broken quinque, Arima continues to attack Ken Kaneki. As the clash goes on, Arima manages to close the distance between them and pierce Kaneki through the abdomen. Trying to plead with Arima, Kaneki tells him that continuing is useless. Arima backs away, while looking up, he tells Kaneki that he has been an investigator for eighteen years, with this being the first time he is helpless in front of the enemy. Once again, Arima asks him if he has any intention of killing him, which Kaneki affirms. Understanding his decision, Arima slashes his own throat in response.

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