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String of Pearls (琲, Hai) is the eighty-first chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Kurona Yasuhisa claims she consumed Nashiro with her Kagune into her, forming a union, because Akihiro Kanou refused to save her. Juuzou Suzuya asks her why she came to Rushima, to which she responds that she is seeking Kanou to help Nashiro. Juuzou doubts that Kanou can help her, and Kurona rambles about how she will succeed in saving Nashiro, as her kakuja mask with multiple eyes envelops her face.

Mizurou Tamaki and Miyuki Mikage prepare to battle while Keijin Nakarai attends Hanbee Abara's wounds. Hanbee apologizes for not killing Kurona, however, Keijin states that they did not expect Hanbee to execute an SS-rated ghoul. He compliments Hanbee for repressing Kurona.

Miyuki strikes Kurona's right shoulder while Mizurou flanks from the left. As Kurona is staggered, Juuzou leaps at her with 13's Jason. Kurona counters by breaking his quinque and impaling Juuzou's chest.

At Cochlea, Kiyoko Aura and Mougan Tanakamaru's reinforcements are designated with preventing the ghouls from escaping Cochlea. The squad leader orders the rest to head underground, where Kishou Arima is fighting alone.

Arima blocks Ken Kaneki's attack with Owl. Understanding that regular attacks will not work, Kaneki creates a kagune net to enclose Arima. Arima leaps out of the net but is immediately surrounded by multiple kagunes, in response, he slashes the kagune around him. He reacts to a clamor by turning around and cutting it, revealing it to be one of Kaneki's tentacles declaring victory. While Arima is distracted, Kaneki strikes him. Arima blocks the attack, but Owl is destroyed in the process.