Tooth for a Tooth (歯を, Ha o) is the eightieth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Continuing his fight with Kurona Yasuhisa, Hanbee Abara soon gets overwhelmed by her reflexes and guard, and is pinned to the ground. Standing over him, Kurona asks him about why he would follow Juuzou Suzuya when he will just be abandoned. Hanbee retorts by stating a few reasons. He mentions that as a ghoul investigator, it's his job to follow his superior. He mentions that he is loyal to Juuzou. Third, he claims that Juuzou will never abandon his squad mates. As he says this, Juuzou is about to land a hit on Kurona. Successfully evading his attack, Kurona and Juuzou begin to clash.

During their fight, the rest of Suzuya Squad appears. She counters their attacks and gets excited now that she can show Nashiro Yasuhisa all of Juuzou's misery. Juuzou questions her whether Nashiro survived the wounds inflicted by him. In response, she shows him her stomach, which is now covered by a deformed kagune face. Juuzou calls it disgusting.

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