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100p (100p, 100p) is the seventy-eighth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Mutsuki remembers being questioned by a ghoul investigator about what had occurred to his family, not being able to tell him what happened as she doesn't remember. The investigator tells Mutsuki to stop lying.

He wakes up with Karao Saeki watching over him. Tooru is limbless. He tells her that she was crying and asks if she was having bad dreams. Mutsuki tells him that he is hungry. While feeding him, Saeki is prompted by Tooru to brings up his past. She plans to use this as a distraction, as he cant hit her while he's busy talking.

He once lived in tent pitched on a mountain, raised only with his father. His father calls him an idiot, and warns him not to get captured by the CCG as if Saeki is caught, the father will probably die as a result. Saeki remembers that his dad told him at some point, his hunger became so unbearable that he had to eat his wife, Saeki's mother. Saeki did as he was told, killing time by reading books. When questioned about this by Tooru, he admits that he would just stare at the pictures until something soon happened.

At some point, his father disappeared for over a month and his hunger became unbearable and he went out into the village. While out adventuring, he met Minomi, a human girl from the village. Meeting her changed his world and the two spent many days together. Minomi even taught him how to read and write. They would play childish games to the point of taking Saeki's mind off his hunger. His father would soon return (Saeki would later realize that he was in town buying or chasing women). Eventually, Minomi's family moved out of country due to "family circumstances." He reminisces about his days with her. She had asked him why he doesn't go to school. Since he couldn't reveal himself as a ghoul, he claims that his parents are very strict. Minomi wishes that she was born in Saeki's house. He wonders why, as she has food and a good bed and that she had nothing to be sad about. Minomi talks about wanting to go somewhere far away and that is when Saeki notices her bruises from "family circumstances." He found her will to live beautiful.

Later on, Saeki's father found out that he went to the village and abandoned his son for putting him in danger. Not being able to live by himself and despite his father's abusive nature, he went searching for his father only to run into Minomi sometime later. He brought her to the tent to take shelter (which she notes is like a secret hideout), where Saeki promises to take her to the ocean when he learns how to drive. They fall asleep. Waking up, he hears odd sounds from behind the tent and goes to check them out, only to see his father dismembering Minomi's naked body. His father claims that Saeki good at hunting humans if he puts his mind to it and asks him to join him and feast. Coming back to his senses, Saeki murdered his father out of blind rage. Seeing Minomi's corpse, he noticed the torso remained intact, being clean and pretty in comparion to her other body parts, and developed a fascination for it. From then on he started to slowly collect torsos.

He tells Mutsuki that if he can forget what happened in the past, it would probably be for the better. Mutsuki begins to feel like he can understand Saeki now that he was told his story. In the middle of his thoughts, Saeki suddenly stands over and picks Mutsuki up.