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Foolish Death (死痴, Shichi) is the seventy-seventh chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



On Rushima, Kurona Yasuhisa talks to herself. She notices the amount of corpses and notes that the CCG has been here. She talks about meeting her papa once again.

Miza Kusakari reminisces about the island and notes that Juuzou is a monster. She remembers when she was newly recruited, as she stood on a beacon, when Naki awkwardly introduces himself. Hooguro and Shousei Idera appeared to remind Naki that Miza was a newly recruited member of Aogiri Tree. After speaking with Naki, Miza starts to have seconds thoughts about Aogiri Tree.

Under Naki's leadership, the White Suits struggled to cooperate with Miza and would inadvertently endanger themselves by failing to develop strategies for attacking.

Seeing how Naki's leadership plays out, Miza questions why the White Suits would blindly follow someone like him. Hooguro and Shousei reject her accusations and tell her to follow them to the viewing platform where they witness Naki crying while naming his dead comrades. While Naki forgets what was discussed at the meetings, he never fails to remember the people he has lost. Hooguro proposes that since they have a short life expectancy, at the very least they can assist someone who will remember them forever.

Mitsushita compliments Miza but is inadvertently stabbed through the wall by Hanbee Abara. He rushes at Miza while cutting multiple columns in an attempt to kill her. She is overwhelmed and unable to find an opportunity to use her triple blades. She notes that Juuzou's underlings are skilled in their own right. Just as Hanbee swings his blade, Miza kicks it into the wall, immobilizing the weapon.

The Blades led by Miza are a family of underground dwarf ghouls. The live underground because they are unwilling to go out to human society. They practiced consanguineous marriage, however, due to inbreeding, they have developed formidable bikaku blades, with a weaker and smaller physique. Miza became her clan's leader at the age of 18, partially due to the elders dying off. Her leadership helped developed a great and formidable reputation for the clan.

Their unique appearance and kagune have led others to ridicule them as "shaving razors" as small blades.  They are now infrequently targets by other ghoul groups. Miza is the strongest and most skilled ghoul in their clan's history and became the leader at age 18 (though this is partially due to the fact that the elders had almost died off).

With Hanbee's quinque stuck on the wall, Miza jumps at him with three of her blades out. He suddenly unleashes his quinque's gimmick which causes several kagune to protrude from behind the wall and impale Miza. Hanbee taunts her despite admitting he was close to dying and not near Juuzou's level. When Hanbee decides to wait for the seniors to arrive, Kurona appears and asks him if he is one of Suzuya's subordinates. Appalled by her appearance, Hanbee calls her disgusting.

As the Quinx Squad travel through a tunnel, Kuki Urie is increasingly overwhelmed by some kind of smell. He takes the lead but begins to slur his words as he struggles to create a coherent sentence. Despite this, he pushes forward until he finds the source of the smell. Urie walks into the cave where he discovers a torso sitting on a chair. Urie is shocked.