Flower (花, Hana) is the seventy-third chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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In a flashback, Haise Sasaki was scolded by Kishou Arima for hesitating to kill ghouls. He reminds him not to speak with ghouls.

While fighting Arima, Haise thinks about how he does not understand Arima. In Arima's eyes, Haise is a ghoul sympathizer and not the investigator he wanted him to be. He could not live up to Arima's expectations. Arima pierces Haise's abdomen and they fall down to a lower level in Cochlea.

On a ship, a ghoul investigator reports the situation at Cochlea to Yoshitoki Washuu. Yoshitoki insists not to tell the soldiers at Rushima about the breach to avoid lowering their morale.

While leading the Quinx Squad, Kuki Urie smells a scent of blood nearby. It's coming from Toru, who is with Torso. He is dressing him up as a girl and calling him cute. Torso obsesses over him, calling him a woman. Karao Saeki holds Tooru Mutsuki captive. He gets upset by Mutsuki's facial expression so he bashes his head multiple times. Mutsuki remembers how his father abused him. He drank alcohol and screamed insults at his already-bruised daughter. He grabbed Tooru by the bangs and dragged her into the bathroom, while his wife watched in silent terror. Convinced that his daughter was disrespecting him, he forced her head under the water and demanded he be praised as a good father.  As punishment, he dragged Mutsuki by hair across the floor into the bathroom and would shove Mutsuki's face into a bath of water. He begs him to stop, but he refuses to listen. After being held under, Tooru submitted and praised him as demanded. Satisfied with this, he leered down at his daughter's soaked shirt. Torso apologizes for the earlier behavior, saying he loves her and promising to take Mutsuki to a flower field.

Haise continues fighting Arima. He thinks about how he is able to follow Arima's movement due to the their training together. Haise mentions Arima's weakness, his right eye, so he strikes Arima's blindspot. Arima blocks the attack with IXA. Before Haise can attack again, Arima cuts Haise's legs off and tells him to fight seriously.

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