Syncope and Transmission (失神と伝導, Shisshin to Dendō) is the seventy-second chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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After saving Renji Yomo, Haise Sasaki confronts Kishou Arima. Kazuichi Banjou and the Gas Masks congregate with Ayato Kirishima's group.

Arima discards the damaged Narukami and attacks Haise with IXA, which Haise blocks. Haise yells at Ayato to escort the group to the exit. Before leaving, Touka Kirishima tells Haise that she will see him later. Haise believes that it will be difficult to meet Touka again.

Ayato's group reunite with Hinami Fueguchi. Touka greets her by pinching her cheeks. Ayato states that they are going to the Disposal Compactor Room. Their goal is to disable the compactors in order to escape through the outlet.

Haise removes his coat while releasing his kagune. He states that he will sacrifice himself to buy his allies time to escape.

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