People in the Dark (昧人, Maindo) is the seventh chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Sasaki shatters Serpent's kagune with his own. The rest of the Quinx Squad realize that Akira Mado was telling the truth about Sasaki's exceptional powers. Serpent is impressed, as he credits Sasaki for forming the multiple tentacles on his kagune at once. Serpent kicks Sasaki, but he is unaffected by this, as he wraps his kagune around Yukimura 1/3 to intensify the attacks. However, Serpent effortlessly dodges and kicks Sasaki once more. His entire foot impales Sasaki's torso, weakening Sasaki. Shirazu and Mutsuki run to his aid, but he orders them to stand back. Sasaki quickly regenerates and gets ready for battle. Mutsuki is shocked at Sasaki's instant change in his demeanor.

Serpent mentions that he has much more interest in Sasaki than he does in the rest of the Quinx, but Sasaki says there is no need for Serpent to know anything about him. Sasaki's kagune evolves, as the tentacles become sharper compared to how they were last time. Sasaki finally impales Serpent through the stomach. He tells him that this is his "payback." He approaches Serpent and removes his mask, revealing Nishiki Nishio. Nishiki criticizes Sasaki, lamenting that no matter what he does or where he goes in life, Sasaki will be helpless. Sasaki, upon hearing Serpent call him "Kaneki," automatically responds by referring to him as "Nishio-senpai," as he is perplexed at what Nishiki said. Nishiki is allowed to escape, and Sasaki goes into a state of mental and physical instability while screaming out of frustration. Realizing the danger, Take Hirako immediately suspends the Serpent Investigation. He prioritizes neutralizing Sasaki. Akira stands from afar and shoots Sasaki with an Rc suppressant bullet using a sniper.

She asks him to interpret his situation slowly, and in an internal monologue, Akira mentions that Sasaki is the victim of a kakuhou transplant done by a scientist, Akihiro Kanou of Aogiri Tree. Sasaki must be treated as a human by the CCG, but should his kagune go out of control, he will be treated as a ghoul and might be exterminated. She also states that Sasaki risked saving his squad. Akira declares that during the battle against Serpent, Sasaki's fighting style has been engraved in the hearts of his Squad members. They would feel fear, reverence, and even envy him because of this.

At the CCG Headquarters, Sasaki is asked to attend an S3 meeting, where he is requested to have a private conversation with one of his superiors, Kishou Arima.

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