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Administer the Cleanse (施浄, Sejō) is the sixty-ninth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Just as Ken Kaneki recalls training under Kishou Arima, Hinami Fueguchi runs up to him and slaps him. She is worried about Kaneki's actions as he is now an investigator, feeling a sense of both happiness and sadness. Kaneki thinks that his last job is to save Hinami and to get killed by Arima, as no one can beat him.

Arima singlehandedly fends off multiple Aogiri Tree ghouls. Ayato Kirishima attempts to hit Arima but misses. Arima shoots with Narukami. After Ayato dodges the lightning, Arima releases IXA and attacks him, breaking his mask.

Two CCG guards inform Shinme Haisaki that the invading ghouls are led by Ayato and are assisted by Aogiri grunts and the Gas Masks. The escaped ghouls are wreaking havoc. Haisaki's priority is to deal with Kaneki first. The doors close and CRc gas is released. As it floods the room, the guards begin killing the invaders. Banjou is warned not to breath it in as he puts on a gas mask. Due to it being previously used on Naki, his gang recognizes its effects. It stops Kagune use and weakens physical strength.

A ghoul blocks Arima's Narukami, saving Ayato, while another ghoul rushes from behind and tries to attack Arima. Ayato and the ghouls escape by jumping off the platform whilst the rest of the Cochlea staff are told to intervene. Ayato remembers Tatara ordering Hinami to kill ghouls. She hesitated to kill them so Ayato does it in her place and kicks her afterwards. Later, Hinami thanked Ayato for covering for her. Ayato tells her that she isn't cut out for Aogiri, to which Hinami responds that Eto had told her it was her own fault that the people she is close to are taken away. She reveals that she joined the Aogiri Tree in order to protect her allies. As she cries, Ayato comforts her.

In the present time, Ayato requests the ghouls to remove their masks. Touka Kirishima and Renji Yomo reveal themselves. Touka states that they also want to save Hinami and advises Ayato to put aside his ego and rely on others when he needs to.

While Kaneki is escorting Hinami, they are confronted by Nimura Furuta, who blocks their path and asks what Kaneki is up to.