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S's That (Sのそれ, Esu no Sore) is the sixty-eighth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Nimura Furuta visits Eto Yoshimura at her cell. After stating Shunji Shiono's efforts to censor King Bileygr, he provides a pâté made out of Shiono. While leaving, he mockingly asks Eto about the results of her wiretapping plan.

At the camera room, Shinme Haisaki tells Furuta that the isolation cells between level 0 and 1 have been opened. Camera footage reveals Haise Sasaki as the culprit.

Ayato Kirishima, Kazuichi Banjou, and the Gas Masks enter Cochlea. CCG guards prepare for the ambush.

Haise searches for Hinami Fueguchi's room through the CCG's database on a computer.

Kishou Arima fires at Ayato with Narukami. 33 grabs Ayato and drags him out of the way, saving him.

Haise reminisces about meeting Hideyoshi Nagachika at V14. He seemingly allowed Kaneki to eat him in order to survive. He warned him about Arima and urged Haise to eat Hide.

Haise walks into Hinami's cell while stating that he wants to risk his life for someone, just as Hide did for him. He apologizes for being late and plans to get her out of there.