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Changing Vessels (器移, Ki'i) is the sixty-seventh chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



The CCG engage the Blades at Rushima's shoreline. Kousuke Houji blasts multiple Aogiri Tree ghouls. Several ghouls rush toward the investigators while they reload, but Koori Ui kills them while stating that it would be foolish to allow them to exploit that opening. Suzuya Squad rush through the shore while weakening the enemy's defenses. Matsuri Washuu coordinates the squads. The Quinx Squad prepare for battle.

Eto Yoshimura is imprisoned and escorted through Cochlea. As Haise Sasaki passes through a cell, he recalls his imprisonment. After the Owl Extermination, Kaneki was imprisoned in Cochlea as Prisoner #240. His mental state had deteriorated seriously: He was repeatedly picking at his eyes until his wounds were festering, refusing food, crying at night, and was clawing at the doors such that his finger nails came off while screaming they should let him out. Furthermore, he was suffering from amnesia. The prison staff expected him to die. Arima started bringing him books. Reading those books greatly improved his mental state. Later, Arima told Kaneki that he would need a name, as it had been planned to appoint him as an investigator as part of his rehabilitation program, and asked him to choose one. He picked his two favorite kanji from the words 'coffee' and 'world', forming the name 'Haise'.

Arima states that he will go to the Central building. Haise walks into a gym locker room by himself and expresses his conflicted thoughts.

Ayato Kirishima, Kazuichi Banjou, and the Gas Masks stand outside of Cochlea. Ayato reviews the plan and approaches the building with the security card.

To Ayato's surprise, the alarms go off. Haise cracks his fingers in shock.