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Old Guard (古き護り, Furuki Mamori) is the sixty-sixth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Nimura Furuta notes that Eto Yoshimura knows a lot. She states that Furuta is the one causing mischief with Akihiro Kanou. Eto mentions several events that Furuta has been involved in such as collecting test subjects, telling the Aogiri Tree about the transport vehicles and dropping the steel girders on Rize Kamishiro. She asks Furuta how those events are associated with V, but Furuta refuses to answer.

Furuta wonders what Eto is trying to accomplish now that she has been apprehended in Cochlea. He mentions that his superiors are afraid of the One-Eyed King. He attempts to make a deal with Eto. If she tells him about the One-Eyed King, he can escort her to a VIP room.

His predecessors have contemplated the best method to control the masses. By diverting their attention to one thing, they can be coerced into committing suicide. This is why the CCG sets up enemies such as the Clowns and Tsukiyama family just to exterminate them. Eto and the One-Eyed king are troublesome since they are irregular enemies.

Eto is relieved that Furuta does not know anything about the One-Eyed King. Furuta mentions that he has searched for information by visiting the Ghoul Restaurant and becoming a Clown, but even Itori could not provide insight about the One-Eyed King. Nico told him that the One-Eyed King does not exist and Furuta starts to think that maybe the One-Eyed King is a symbolic king.

Eto disagrees, stating that the One-Eyed King exists in the bellies of the CCG. Furuta tries persuading her that changing anything is unnecessary. He believes that maintaining an equilibrium is better, but Eto opposes Furuta since she has been a victim of V.

As Furuta leaves, Eto calls Furuta a Washuu. She insults him for not being able to address his father accordingly. Furuta rushes to her cell and threatens to kill her.

Furuta reminisces about the Sunlit Garden, where Rize Kamishiro and Furuta were bred. Haise Sasaki notes that Furuta does not look well, to which Furuta replies that he has been overworking.

Haise listens to the recording of Eto and Furuta's conversation. Eto requests him to kill the One-Eyed King. Haise ponders what she means by that.

At the 8th ward's harbor, the CCG prepare for the Rushima Landing Operation. Arima Squad is designated with protecting Cochlea. Distrust of the CCG and Washuu Clan has proliferated among the CCG investigators ever since the release of King Bileygr. Tatara prepares for the incoming invasion.

Kazuichi Banjou assembles the Gas Masks and asks Ayato Kirishima if there are enough to breach Cochlea. He agrees.

The Black Hooded Man observes the scenery from afar.