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Heavy Steps (重歩, Chōbo) is the sixty-fifth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Kishou Arima confronts Matasaka Kamishiro. Shachi states that Arima is a Washuu puppet as he rushes toward him and crushes the ground. Arima orders Squad 0 to go into formation. As they approach him, Shachi manages to kick one of Arima's subordinates. Arima shoots Narukami but misses. While dodging Arima's attack, Shachi states that Arima's strange timing is probably caused by Arima's vision. He strikes two of Arima's subordinates and lands in front of Arima.

Shachi recalls talking to Renji Yomo and Nishiki Nishio after the Owl Suppression Operation. He told them that Yoshimura has been captured by Eto Yoshimura and that harboring Rize Kamishiro is risky. Nishiki asks why Shachi is so committed to protecting Rize. Shachi responds that it is his sole responsibility as a parent.

Shachi releases his kagune and dashes toward Arima. He attempts hitting him while stating that Arima's weakness is his blind-spot. After dodging Shachi's attacks, Arima impales Shachi's throat. As he lay dying, Shachi compliments Arima's performance despite his poor vision.

Stamina is important to have as a Ghoul investigator. Despite what Saiko says, it is key when battling a Ghoul. As a result, Urie has the Quinx Squad exercise at the gym. Haise Sasaki interrupts Kuki Urie's training, asking to speak with him.

Kazuichi Banjou, the 6th ward's leader, complains about Eto's use of large words in King Bileygr. He claims that she should use smaller words when writing for ghouls as many of them aren't educated. 86 states that the story is well made and should motivate people. Ayato Kirishima suddenly appears and says that the book motivates ghouls to wish for the coming of the One-Eyed King.

Outside of the gym, Urie states that letting Eto give a speech was an idiotic decision. He mentions the emergence of ghoul rights organizations. One of them is lead by Hisashi Ogura. He calls them all uncivilized hypocrites. Haise tells Urie that he will not be present at the Rushima Landing Operation. He will be protecting Cochlea as a member of Arima Squad. Haise requests Urie to save Tooru Mutsuki, to which Urie agrees.

Ayato states that he wants to save Hinami Fueguchi since she did not truly want to be with Aogiri Tree. He urges Banjou to help him breach into Cochlea.

At Cochlea, Nimura Furuta compliments Eto's short hair while she calls him Akihiro Kanou's clown.