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A Devouring Gut (喰う腑, Kuu Fu) is the sixty-fourth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Eto Yoshimura's confession of being a ghoul goes viral. News anchors ask for Hisashi Ogura's opinion on Eto's new book, King Bileygr. He declines on behalf of his higher-ups.

Nimura Furuta tells Haise Sasaki about the turmoil that Eto's announcement has caused. The CCG's telephone lines are overwhelmed by callers. The ratio between Eto's supporters to those who demand retribution is fifty-fifty. He mentions King Bileygr. It is a heroic epic about a one-eyed ghoul named "Nameless" who leads an army of ghouls against oppression. Now that Eto has been revealed as a ghoul, the meaning of the book has changed. Furuta proposes that the story's message is that the Washuu Clan is cooperating with ghouls.

Ayumu Hogi reports the outcome of the Rushima investigation. Chuu Hachikawa and two others died on duty. Yoshitoki Washuu dispatches a regiment to Rushima. Their goal is to exterminate the Aogiri Tree.

Kuki Urie reviews the operation with the Quinx Squad. They will be on the offensive front. Urie expresses that they must save Tooru Mutsuki. He recalls standing outside of Haru Shiramatzu's room with Saiko Yonebayashi and Mutsuki. They refuse to remove Haru off of life support and promise each other that they will pay the medical fees.

Inside a cave at Rushima, Karao Saeki amputates Mutsuki.

Haise informs Eto that she will be apprehended at Corniculum until they confirm that Eto is a ghoul. He states that he read King Bileygr and asks Eto what she meant by the story. She states that the Washuu are cooperating with ghouls. Her motivation to write the book came from a notebook left by Ukina. The notebook documented V. According to Eto, Ukina bonded with Yoshimura in order to investigate V.

Haise is in disbelief, so, Eto reminds him of the Rc Scan Gate. She states that Haise's Rc levels should have triggered the alarm. The reason it did not is because the Rc Scan Gates are designed to ignore the Rc patterns of kakuhou-derived quinques and ghouls who work for V. Rize Kamishiro is a member of V. Since her kakuhou was implanted into Haise, he is able to pass through the Rc Scan Gates without triggering them.

Matasaka Kamishiro reminisces meeting Rize. She was a lone ghoul who adopted Shachi's last name. He taught Rize how to read and to overcome her binge eating habits. Unfortunately, Rize ignored Shachi's warnings. Shachi took the blame for Rize's murders and was taken to Cochlea. He eventually escapes, thanks to Eto and Aogiri. Afterwards he established a truce with Yoshimura: He will protect Eto and in exchange, Yoshimura will watch over Rize. This is why Yomo had saved Rize in the past.

Kishou Arima abruptly fires Narukami while asserting that he will capture and exterminate Shachi.


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