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Tree Buried Alive (葬生樹, Sōseiki) is the sixty-third chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Hachikawa Squad continues fighting the Aogiri Tree on Rushima. He makes a remark about Houji to Takizawa, but is caught off-guard by Shikorae, who leaps at him from behind and bites off his nose. Seidou Takizawa overwhelms Chuu Hachikawa with Ukaku shards, destroying his quinque. WIth Chuu unarmed and defenseless, Shikorae impales Hachikawa from behind, killing him. Shikorae attempts striking Tooru Mutsuki and Ayumu Hogi but they manage to escape. Seidou and Shikorae decide to consume Hachikawa.

In a cave, Mutsuki attends Hogi's wounds. Hogi remembers Hachikawa partaking in an operation against the Black Dobers. His personality has been distorted ever since then. Despite being widely hated by people in the CCG, but Hogi liked him while Toru found him admirable. Hogi recalls Hachikawa scolding her freckle insecurity by showing his scarred mouth.

Karao Saeki abruptly appears, grabs Hogi by her hair, and smashes her face into a wall. He chokes Mutsuki.

Nimura Furuta and Kishou Arima attend a V meeting. Kaiko asks if Eto Yoshimura is the One-Eyed King. Arima proposes that she is, while Furuta mockingly agrees with him. Kaiko orders Arima to take care of Rize Kamishiro while Furuta watches Haise Sasaki and Eto.

After getting a haircut, Eto requests Haise to escort her to a press conference about her final book. Haise agrees. Many civilians tune into Eto's public speech. Before introducing her newest book, she announces that she is a ghoul and that she wrote her new book for fellow ghouls.


  • This chapter ends in the same fashion as Chapter 63 of the original series, with someone stating, "I am a ghoul."