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Embracing The Capital (都を抱く, To o Daku) is the sixty-second chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Eto and Shunji Shiono reminisce about their past and how they met. When Eto was fourteen years old, she brought a manuscript to Shoeisha. Shiono, having other commitments that day, kept her manuscript and put her off, only taking a short glance at the manuscript without actually reading it.

Later, the Editor-in-Chief noticed the manuscript in the office, questioned Shiono about it and skimmed it. The editor-in-chief, mad at Shiono for failing to realize the worth of the manuscript, grabs him and violently shakes him, while reprimanding him for failing to realise the potential in Eto's writing. He then orders him to search for her immediately.

Eto, living in poor circumstances, had hoped to get some money for the manuscript. Instead, she resorted to stealing a purse from a human she passed by. She then tricks a man into leaving his car so she can rob him by saying that a policeman called him. While other ghouls were amazed how much money she got, she was thinking about how she needed more strength and manpower to fight "them", and promised to her dead mother that she would not run like her father.

Next, she went to Shoeisha again to get back her manuscript. Shiono came storming out, asking her why she did not give him any contact information. She explains that she doesn't have any. He explains that he didn't know she was in an orphanage and she tells him that she wanted to keep it a secret from the staff. Shiono provided Eto with a mobile phone, contracted her as an author for Shoeisha and became her editor.

At some later point in time, Eto went to Anteiku and looked inside through the window. Visibly angered by what was going on inside, she crumpled a book titled Dropped Box, threw it down and left again. Yoshimura later found the book.

One day, Shiono entered her apartment to bring her refreshments. She was sleeping and left her door unlocked. He opened her refrigerator to store them but, to his surprise, discovers human body parts stored in containers. Eto then calls out to him, but lets him be.

In the present, Shiono is allowed to leave as Eto turned herself in. While Shiono is incessantly apologizing, Investigator Haise Sasaki discloses to her that Shiono confessed 15 minutes ago that he once found human body parts in her apartment, and announces her arrest. Eto in return tells him that if he thinks he's won, he should prepare to shut her mouth. Then, she turns to Shiono and tells him that she bears no grudge, and thanks him for making her an author.

On Rushima, Seidou Takizawa attacks Hachikawa Squad and kills two squad members. While Hachikawa berates Takizawa for what he has become, Shikorae sneaks up on him from behind and bites off his nose.


  • Chapter Pun: Redact.