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the ENT (the ENT, ji Ento or ji Ī Enu Tī) is the sixty-first chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Furuta and Haise Sasaki discuss the investigation into Sen Takatsuki. Furuta says he'd be surprised if Takatsuki did anything but reading books. He states that he returned Takatsuki's room to its original state to the best of his abilities, but Sasaki just remarks that she will probably still figure it out. Furuta is staggered by Sasaki's audacity to investigate a private room without permission. Sasaki explains that whatever the process, the end result will be the same. He is ready to accept demotion or any other punishments, and states that they can't wait for approval for everything because time is precious.

The topic of their conversation shifts to the Quinx. Furuta tells Sasaki that Squad leader Urie is mentoring his team members and has piled up impressive achievements and that Saiko supports Urie as the deputy squad leader. He claims not to have personally met any of them yet. He also gives short profiles on the new Qs.

Touma Higemaru, before even enrolling in the academy, was determined to have great potential for the surgery and comes from a rich family, like Koori Ui. His family has many life saving occupations like firemen, police, and SDF officials. As someone raised in that environment, he has a strong sense of justice. At the moment, he is playing video games with Saiko, and losing,

Ching-Li Hsiao, English name Ginny Shao, came to Japan from Taiwan. She was in the gifted students class at White Sun Garden. Blessed with talent on the level of her fellow garden alumni Ihei, her specialty appears to be barehanded combat. None were able to match her. She is seen stretching.

Shinsanpei Aura is the the seventh Academy junior alumni. He's also special class Kiyoko Aura's nephew, as his mother is her little sister. Unlike his aunt, who entered the bureau at the top of her class, Shinsanpei,  despite having experience and potential, achieved nothing particular during his time at the academy. He is currently eating.

He also states that Tooru Mutsuki has been moving between squads focusing primarily on support-related activities and is currently supporting Hachikawa Squad.

On Rushima, as Chuu Hachikawa, Ayumu Hogi and Mutsuki defeat some low-ranking Aogiri Tree members. He is told by Chuu to quit messing around with her Kagune, to which he replies that he's saving stamina. Mutsuki spots Scarecrow rowing away from Rushima on a paddle boat and wonders if Scarecrow is a member of Aogiri Tree. Chuu reprimands him for dawdling.

At the Washuu Estate, Urie attends a dinner party held by Matsuri. He notes the food has a a peculiar flavor, but says nothing to avoid offending Matsuri. The guests are of high standing and Urie feels it's important to get into their good graces, so mingles politely and does what it takes to appease the host. After dinner, he's introduced to Matsuri's wife, Iyo Washuu, who he regards courteously. Their exchange is brief as Matsuri states that he needs to speak with Urie, so Iyo takes her leave. Left with a good impression of his wife, Urie intends to compliment her until Matsuri suddenly declares her "boring," confusing him. Washuu explains his unwanted relationship with Iyo. She is the daughter of an old and venerable family to which Matsuri was engaged to before he left Germany. He was meant to marry her. In the mean time, he was all but forced to write her letters once a month. He envies Urie because he can live how he wants He suddenly asks Urie when he will marry, taking him aback. Urie says it's something he'll take into consideration, but internally is unsure. Matsuri talks about relationships in the CCG and how Investigators normally do either of two extremes: start a family as soon as possible (Kuroiwa) or fervently remain single (Marude and Aura). He then goes on to tell a story that Akria told him about Akira's father, Kureo who chose to be taken in by her family (who happened to be his professor a the time). Apparently, his wife refused his proposal because she didn't want to change her last name. Matsuri compares her behavior to her daughter. Urie tells him he is currently single and his work takes priority, which Matsuri finds usual for him.

Ayato Kirishima asks Miza Kusakari if she has seen Karao Saeki. They discuss the upcoming assembly, but neither knows what it's about. Then Miza inquires about Cochlea, but Ayato must report that he is even unable to get any information on the guard shifts there.

Before the assembly starts, Eto reminisces about her fight against Iwao Kuroiwa thirteen years ago.

In her assembly speech, Eto announces to the Aogiri Tree members that she is the One-Eyed Owl and that she is also known as the author Sen Takatsuki. She explains her origins as she led a small band of ghouls in a raid against the CCG. In the end, most were killed and her arms were taken by a muscular youth with thick eyebrows. She then brings up last year, when a similar thing happened. She claims that she was overconfident and later, being taught a lesson, decided to form Aogiri. Today they have several thousand members but their goals remain the same. According to her, Aogiri Tree exists to create a good world for ghouls. Her true aim is to eradicate the warped root behind CCG and requests the assembly participants to become foundation of the destruction of the birdcage. She closes her speech with declaring that, contrary to what many may believe, she is not the One-Eyed King. Hachikawa squad spy on this assembly, but are spotted by Takizawa.

Meanwhile, Arima approaches Furuta and tells him that V is calling and that it concerns Ken Kaneki.


  • Chapter Pun: Regent