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A Bad Gamble for the Possessed (握人への悪賭, Akuto e no Akuto) is the sixth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Urie, and the rest, who have driven Torso to the corner, were stopped as Serpent appeared, claiming that Karao belongs to him. He insults the CCG for being “no different from Aogiri Tree” for creating artificial ghouls. Serpent confronts Urie's group. Urie blocks an attack using his kagune, consequently taking out his quinque. Serpent beats him down. Shirazu counters Serpent with his kagune missiles but they are destroyed. Urie is weakened, and Mutsuki gets out of the taxi but is petrified by fear as he questions if he can compete with Serpent. As Serpent is about to attack Mutsuki, Shirazu tries to give Mutsuki a chance to flee. Shirazu approaches Mutsuki and plans to retreat with him, but this angers Urie.

In Urie's flashback, S3 Squad members of the CCG talk to Urie about how they withdrew from the battle against a mighty ghoul called the "One-Eyed Owl." They apologized that they abandoned Urie’s father, Special Class Urie in the battle.

With no other battle tactics in mind, Urie bites his own arm in order to reactivate his kagune. He claims that if he would be able to take down an S-rated ghoul, his chances of getting more recognition than Sasaki would increase.

Sasaki suddenly appears right before Urie as the Quinx are about to get hit. Sasaki uses the blade quinque, Yukimura 1/3, to cut the tip of Serpent’s kagune in half. Sasaki tries to strike but is kicked away by Serpent. Sasaki grovels on the ground, as he contemplates an offensive strategy. In his subconscious, Ken "Kaneki", the young man from Haise's recurring nightmares, appears and claims that he is too weak to save his subordinates from Serpent's wrath. "Kaneki" repeatedly asks Sasaki to ‘accept’ him, but Haise dismisses this and decides to think on his own.

Sasaki asks Mutsuki to call Akira Mado, as he generates both his kagune and kakugan. He cracks a finger as he prepares to fight.