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Kneel! (伏せ!, Fuse!) is the fifty-ninth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



At The Chateau, Urie stands in front of an easel in his room, painting. He sniffs and then puts a mask on to block the smell.

The scene switches to the Quinx on a mission. Six months have passed since the Rosewald Extermination Operation. All CCG efforts are going towards eliminating the Aogiri Tree. One of the new Quinx, Aura, puts his hand on Saiko’s shoulder and tells her to keep it together. Saiko struggles to keep up and says that yesterday’s beef bowl is slowing her down. The other two new Qs, Higemaru and Hsiao stand behind Urie, comparing kill count. Urie warns Aura that he smells ghouls coming from behind. Masked Aogiri ghouls run towards them. Aura warns Urie that they are approaching. Urie orders Saiko to take them on. Saiko's kakugan activates as she brings out part of her kagune. She slices them up with her kagune, and Higemaru compliments her on how much she's grown. Aura warns Urie about more approaching ghouls. Urie brings out his new katana quinque, named Ginkui, to eliminate the ghouls. The new Qs watch Urie take the ghouls down in shock and awe. As they leave, Urie tells Aura to go to the report meeting with him, while Hsiao takes care of the report itself. When Higemaru asks what he should be doing, Urie tells him to massage Saiko’s shoulders. It is revealed that Aogiri has been reducing their operation scale due to the relentlessness of the CCG.

The CCG’s current priority is finding and eliminating the One-Eyed Owl. Takeomi, Juuzou, Urie, Hanbee and Aura report to Matsuri, who is now the leader of S2. He tells them that they have managed to crush most of Aogiri’s hideouts in the 23rd ward, and that Aogiri will soon withdraw back into their stronghold. He states that he’s happy they have so many strong investigators in S2. Matsuri says that since Ui suffered from great losses during the Rosewald operation it is up to them to fill the void. Just as Urie turns to leave, Matsuri asks him to stay. Urie tells Aura to go back to the Chateau first.

Matsuri tells Urie that the CCG has grown much stronger thanks to S3 squad. Urie asks if Arima is the one leading S3 and Matsuri confirms it. Matsuri tells Urie that if the work of the S2 squad matches what is done by S3 it is possible that he could be appointed the leader of S3. Matsuri tells Urie that if he was in charge of S3 he could promote S2 members to it as he saw fit. He asks Urie who is most loyal underling is in S2. Urie addresses Matsuri by rank and tells him that, ever since the Qs came to S2, they have made the most of the opportunity by putting forth their best effort. He bows to Matsuri and promises to follow his every order like a loyal dog.

Matsuri likes his answer. Urie thinks that by remaining loyal to Matsuri he will be able to move on to S3. Since Matsuri probably wants to become the Bureau Chief, Urie could take over and become the S3 leader. Matsuri tells him that he should attend a dinner that is planned. Urie notices a photo of Matsuri and a woman on his desk and wonders if it is a family photo. Urie leaves Matsuri’s office and sees Aura still waiting for him. Aura tells Urie that he didn’t have the keys. Urie tells him to walk home because he has other things to attend to.

Now inside of Cochlea, Urie asks a prison guard what Hinami has been doing. He tells Urie that she refuses to speak to investigators other than Haise and only rereads the books that Haise gave to her. Urie asks about Haise. The prison guard tells Urie that Haise doesn’t come to see her. Hinami sits huddled in her cell. Urie calls out to her and she comes to the front. She looks hopeful for a moment and then discouraged. Urie says that he has a report he wants to go over with her.

Urie gives her a list of the Aogiri members that they have captured in the past month. Hinami tells Urie that she doesn’t recognize two of them. Urie thinks that they are going to need to take down the leader if they want to stop Aogiri from growing. He asks Hinami if any of the ghouls are high ranking and she tells him that they aren’t. He thanks her and turns to leave.

Hinami begins to ask about Haise. Urie cuts her off, knowing what she wants to ask, and tells her Haise is busy. Urie says that he will tell Haise that she asked to see him as long as she continues to cooperate with him. As Urie leaves he thinks that Hinami really expects Haise to give her some sort of special treatment, and he says to himself that the way that he is now he probably wouldn’t show her any warmth. He thinks that he shouldn’t call another person cruel since he went to see a ghoul that was scheduled to be executed.

Outside a building, Sen Takatsuki’s editor stands shivering. He wonders aloud when she will come. Two men wearing black, revealed to be Sasaki and Furuta, approach him. Sasaki asks him if he is Shiono and shows him his badge. He tells Shiono that they are from the CCG and ask if Takatsuki is in. Furata stands behind Sasaki, smiling.


  • Chapter Pun: Refuse