Regretting Smile (悔いて笑む, Kuite Emu) is the fifty-seventh chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Koori Ui, startled by the sight of Kaneki eating the Owl's kakuja, questions as to what he was doing. Kaneki, maintaining his Haise identity, apologizes and calms him down, stating that he was replenishing his strength after the fight with Owl. Ui hesitantly asks if he managed to exterminate the Owl and Sasaki replies that the Owl managed to escape despite the fatal injuries he had dealt her. Sasaki then reports his encounter with Tsukiyama and states that the Tsukiyama Family and Aogiri Tree are connected after all. He motions to Kanae von Rosewald and announces to Ui that Kanae is one of them before impaling Tsukiyama with his kagune, piercing his abdomen. Shortly afterwards, he hangs Tsukiyama's body off the Lunar Eclipse and throws what seems to be a side glance at Kanae before letting go. Immediately, Kanae screams and jumps off after Tsukiyama hoping to save him. As the two of them are faliing, Tsukiyama requests that Kanae let go of him and continue to survive to which Kanae refuses. She talks to him in German, telling him she will protect him and that he is her everything before making her last wish, for him to call her by her real name, Karren. In her final moments, she confesses her romantic feelings for him and pleads forgiveness from her family and Tsukiyama for falling in love with him. With a melancholic expression, Tsukiyama replies in German and tells her not to worry as no one shall punish her, calling her by her real name for the first and last time. Startled by his words, Kanae grabs a nearby ledge with her kagune and uses the momentum to throw Tsukiyama away to safety. As Tsukiyama calls out to her, Kanae ponders her distress of having to live as someone she is not and her happiness at being able to die as her true self. At her final moments, she wonders whether she deserves to be so happy before her body splatters on the ground.

Later, Sasaki meets Urie downstairs. A grief-stricken Urie informs his mentor of Shirazu's death and angrily tells him that he should have been there. Sasaki coldly responds, asking if Shirazu's death was his fault as the one present during Shirazu's battle was Urie. He tells Urie that all the losses in the world is due to the lack of ability and that if he wants to curse something, he should curse his own weakness, before mourning over Shirazu's body with the rest of the Quinx Squad. Sasaki receives an off-season promotion to Associate Special Class for fending off the One-Eyed Owl single-handedly. He also willingly resigned from his position as the mentor of the Quinx Squad while Urie assumed the role of Squad Leader, replacing Ginshi Shirazu.

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  • Title Pun: Requiem

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