The Second King (ニの王, Ni no Ō) is the fifty-sixth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Having her real body exposed by Kaneki's slash, Eto begins to lose composure. Her kakuja begins reforming in a bizzare form, spouting extra limbs, mouths and eyes while babbling incoherent sentences involving Kaneki. She resumes her assault on Kaneki, chasing the other ghoul and driving him to the side of the Lunar Eclipse Building. Matsuri Washuu and several other investigators watch them briefly as they pass by the windows. Kaneki uses his kagune to swing himself upwards back to the rooftop, landing on a steel frame. Having gained the higher ground, Kaneki waits for the Owl to approach him before impaling her kakuja with multiple kagune limbs, injuring the ghoul within. Now wounded, a bleeding Eto licks her blood off Kaneki's nose. She states her growing fondness to Kaneki due to their similarities. Hearing this, Kaneki slashes her in half. As her upper body falls, Eto declares that she loves Kaneki while laughing maniacally. Kaneki replies that he is honored, calling her by her human guise, Sen Takatsuki. Shortly afterwards, Koori Ui arrives at the rooftop, and is startled to see Kaneki/Sasaki feasting on the remains of Eto's kakuja.

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  • Title Pun: Retaking

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