Shaving Cores (剃る芯, Soru Shin) is the fifty-first chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Screaming after getting his arm cut off, Kanae throws Haise's hand off the roof, taunting him. Haise Sasaki is then slammed through a wall by Kanae's kagune.

Shinji Michibata attends to Kuramoto Itou's wounds while requesting for medical backup. He comments on Itou's skills and urges for him to maintain himself. Shinji starts to take command of the Quinx Squad. He states that their opponent is SS~ rate Noro from Aogiri Tree and they need backup. While organizing a plan, Ginshi Shirazu suggests using Nutcracker. As Tooru Mutsuki attacks Noro, Shirazu charges with Nutcracker. His quinque expands and tears Noro in two. Shinji approaches and stabs Noro in the head. Surprisingly, Noro activates and releases his kakuja, killing Shinji and injuring all the investigators in its vicinity.

Kanae tells Haise to become a beautiful memory for Shuu Tsukiyama while holding him over the edge of the skyscraper. But before Kanae could drop him, Haise quickly decapitates him.

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  • Title Pun: Resolution

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