Hand (手, Te) is the fiftieth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Despite his serious injury, Kijima rambles and charges at Matsumae. Failing to strike her with Rotten Follow, he gets pierced through the chest by Matsumae.

As Kijima lies dead on the floor, Furuta contacts Ui to about backup and when support will arrive. Okahira tells Furuta to stand back. Just as Matsumae lunges at them, Furuta uses Okahira as a meat shield. Appalled, Matsumae asks Furuta if he has any respect for his coworkers. He disagrees, arguing that Matsumae killed him. Unexpectedly, Furuta gouges her eyes out with his fingers. He comments about how ghouls are cannibalistic murderers regardless of their status. He butchers Matsumae with Rotten Follow while apologizing to Mr. MM. 

Tsukiyama and Haise are battling. Shuu thinks to himself that he will survive, while Haise tells him that he can't win. Predicting Shuu's moves, Haise predicts them and manages to overpower him, pinning him to the ground. Tsukiyama tells Haise to kill him, however, Haise has conflicted thoughts about killing Tsukiyama. Before Haise can make a decision, his arm is severed. 

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