N.T. (N.T., Enu Tī) is the forty-eighth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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After confronting Tsukiyama, Haise lies to Ui. He tells Ui that he has not met Tsukiyama. Haise requests Tsukiyama to surrender so that Haise can have ownership over him, but, Tsukiyama refuses and attacks, stating that his father and servants have put too much on the line for him and that he does not know who Sasaki really is.

Shimoguchi's arm and fingers are eviscerated by Kanae. Shion and Miho attempt to defend. After Shimoguchi had tried to save their lives by lying that he hated them and telling them to "get lost", Satomi and Miho Toga confessed to their squad leader that they had quite liked him. All three were then killed by the ghoul as they tried to stand their ground to protect Shimoguchi. Itou Squad and Quinx Squad brace themselves for an attack.

While fighting Hairu, Matsumae recalls her training with Mirumo where she learned the value of feelings. As Hairu trips on blood, Matsumae impales her through the chest.

Itou and Quinx Squad confront Noro.

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