Matchstick (燐寸, Macchi) is the forty-seventh chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Matsuri Washuu hypothesizes that Mirumo Tsukiyama allowed himself to get caught in order to stall time for Tsukiyama to escape. Tsukiyama group's goal is to let him escape in a helicopter whereas the CCG's goal is to exterminate the ghouls inside the Luna Eclipse.

CCG investigators, including Shiki Kijima, exterminate the ghouls inside the building. Meanwhile, the Quinx Squad follow behind Shimoguchi's Squad. Shimoguchi's Squad confront Kanae. The Quinx meet with Ui who orders Haise Sasaki to search for enemies on the rooftop. Haise breaks through the window and climbs up the building.

Matsumae tells Tsukiyama that they will fight Hairu Ihei's squad. Dejected, Tsukiyama asks if she will return. Matsumae remembers her past with Tsukiyama as children when she began going to school. She then excuses herself. Approaching Hairu, she thinks to herself how she wants to keep Tsukiyama safe and always thought of him as a little brother. Matsumae and Mairo come face to face with Hairu and Kijima.

After Tsukiyama arrives at the rooftop, he encounters Haise standing ahead of him while the helicopter crashes down.

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