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 (C°, Shīdo) is the forty-sixth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Mirumo Tsukiyama is apprehended by Koori Ui. Investigators dispute whether the operation is over. After examining the tire tracks, Ui requests First Class Hairu Ihei to advance while his squad goes after the rest of Tsukiyama. While thinking about the possible outcomes, Matsuri asks for the closest building owned by the Tsukiyama's

While Matsumae drives Tsukiyama, he bemoans Mirumo's decision to save him and demands Matsumae to take him back. She refuses, stating that Tsukiyama's life is necessary in order to preserve their family. Matsumae informs Tsukiyama that they are heading to the 8th Ward's Luna Eclipse building.

Tsukiyama and Matsumae arrive at Lunatic Eclipse where Tsukiyama is introduced to various CEOs. They are glad to see Shuu and Shuu learns that his father was a great man who helped these people.  

Hairu and the CCG arrive at Luna Eclipse to commence the extermination while the Quinx Squad follows behind. Matsuri starts to arrange an ambush on Tsukiyama's helicopter.  

When the operation began, Eto sends Noro into Lunatic Eclipse.