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Plan t (計画t, Keikaku tī) is the forty-fifth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Koori Ui reviews the report on the Tsukiyama Group. They are a major company that is prevalent in many sectors with over twenty subsidiaries. To prevent economic turmoil, Ui presented the case to the vice-presidents. He states that there is a chance that they are hiding the president, which they plan to investigate later. Tsuneyoshi Washuu urges Ui to conduct a Rc examination of the Tsukiyama's parent company and affiliates. He appoints Ui to execute the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation.

At The Chateau,  Haise Sasaki organizes a plan for the Quinx Squad. After their meeting, Haise visits Shirazu to try encouraging him about using his quinque. Shirazu requests Haise to teach him how to use his kagune.

Haise searches for documents pertaining to Koutarou Amon. Acrimoniously,  Akira tells him that Amon was her coworker who died in the Owl Suppression Operation. Akira refuses to tell Haise anything else, which causes him to yell at her. He demands Akira to tell him why she is withholding information.  

Akira recalls the analysis of Haise's personality which concluded that he is very empathetic and has superb learning abilities. The analysis mentioned that Haise lacks assertiveness, is introverted (making him anti-social), and craves a motherly figure. They appointed Akira as Haise's mentor to fulfill Haise's need for a motherly figure. Suddenly, Akira calms Haise by hugging him.

Mirumo Tsukiyama brings his son, Shuu Tsukiyama, coffee, knowing that he his pondering something. As soon as Shuu drinks it, his sedated. Matsumae takes him before the CCG arrives at the estate. 

Eto continues to torture Kanae while promising that he will be loved.