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# (#, #) is the forty-fourth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



During the autopsy, Akihiro Kanou discovered that Gagi and Guge had Rc pipes blocking their kakuhou which prevented them from using their kagune. He expresses interest in the Quinx surgery since he has had poor results. With the Quinx surgery, he hopes to increase his ghoulification success rate. Kanou lies to Naki, telling him that he will revive Gagi and Guge.

Haise Sasaki continues searching for clues related to Koutarou Amon and Eyepatch.

At the Tsukiyama Estate, Shuu Tsukiyama promises to Aliza that he will save Yuuma. Aliza discovers eyewitness reports of Shiki Kijima on the internet. 

Tsukiyama and Haise reunite. Haise abruptly asks Tsukiyama if he is a ghoul, which causes Tsukiyama to ponder whether it is a trap or not. Haise attempts to rephrase the question but Tsukiyama does not answer. He tells Tsukiyama how he wants to learn about his past. Tsukiyama reminisces about Kaneki's past and how he enjoyed his time with Kaneki. He leaves without answering Haise.

After failing to save Yuma, Aliza is captured and murdered by Shiki Kijima, but not before she leaks information regarding the Tsukiyama family for presumably Yuuma's safety, but she is instead decapitated right after while Kijima calls her a fool to think that Yuuma was even still alive.