Revealing Sound (示音, Jion) is the forty-third chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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After his defeat against the Quinx Squad, Kanae von Rosewald is approached by Eto and taunted. In a fit of rage, Kanae attacks her, but is immediately subdued after being pierced by her kagune. When Eto finishes reciting biblical references, she begins to confront Kanae about his feelings towards Shuu Tsukiyama. Noticing that her words affected him in some way, Eto looms over him and decides to be his new god.

Haise Sasaki and the Q's go over the results they gathered during their investigation. They discuss the ethical dilemma and value of the information.

When he returned to the CCG's headquarters, Haise starts to go through Koutarou Amon's draft files about the Eyepatch ghoul. While reading through, he enters his subconscious and sees "Kaneki" blaming himself for Amon's death.

Naki goes to speak with Akihiro Kanou.

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