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Filament (灯糸, Hiito) is the forty-second chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



At :re, Tsukiyama asks Touka why she did not try to bring back Kaneki's memories when she knew he was alive.  Nishiki calls Tsukiyama crazy for wanting get Kaneki's memories back and drag him back to the ghoul world. Touka asks if Tsukiyama really wants to turn Kaneki back into a ghoul who would be killed by CCG. Tsukiyama cannot understand why Touka and Nishiki are not on his side. He is in disbelief that they leave Kaneki to struggle without memories. Touka tells him it is better Kaneki does not come back, but if his memories ever come back, :re is the home he can return to. She calls Shuu egotistic for wanting Kaneki back. Tsukiyama vows to bring Kaneki's memories back.

At the Chateau, Shirazu spots Urie training with Sasaki. Afterwards, he asks Urie if he had a change of heart, because in the past he was strongly opposed to working with Sasaki. Urie turns it around by telling Shirazu he has been an incompetent squad leader, who cannot protect his team, since he cannot use Nutcracker and cannot use his kagune well. Shirazu thinks back to when symptoms of his sister Haru's ROS first started and worries about how he will pay for her continued treatment if he is not competent enough to be promoted. He wonders if he should give Nutcracker to someone else. 

Fura comes by and gives Shirazu advice, since he recognizes Shirazu as one of Sasaki's subordinates. He tells Shirazu many, including himself, also feel guilt over killing ghouls, which prevented them from using the quinques made from the ghouls they killed. It took him a long time to come to term with the guilt, but Fura felt that people who feel guilt over killing have healthier minds than people like Arima and Sasaki, who simply obey orders.

After talking with Fura, Shirazu gets his head shaved. Haise, Mutsuki, and Saiko are shocked. Shirazu apologizes for holding the team back and promises to be stronger. He thanks Urie for the wake-up call. Urie hates how his negative message turned postive. 

Later, a CCG meeting is held discussing the connection between Rose and Aogiri. Haise reports on Kanae's and Aogiri's attack on his team. He speculates it may be a response to Kijima's video. Kijima is happy with the results and wants to prepare to battle both groups. Ui dislikes how Kijima carelessly expanded the scope of the investigation. Hairu agrees with Kijima to his annoyance. Sasaki asks Ui to reconsider his plan for his team to go undercover as ghouls. They vote six to four in favor of the plan. 

An injured Kanae is visited by Eto. 


  • Chapter Pun: Reheat
  • The last page of the chapter shows two graffitis that are german idioms:
    • On the first pillar, the one Kanae leans on: "Wer die Wahl hat, hat die Qual" which roughly translates to "Those who can choose are anguished"
    • On the second pillar: "Unter Blinden ist der Einäugige König" which can either translate to "The one-eyed is king among the blind" or "The one-eyed king is among the blind"