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F's Ace (fのエース, Efu no Ēsu) is the forty-first chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Shikorae calls Saiko cute and plump. He touches her face as she looks at him fearfully. Meanwhile, Kanae has fallen through the parking lot rail. Urie calls Shirazu for backup, but he does not move. Kanae quickly escapes the building. Urie is disappointed he let Kanae go, but happy he got a feel for fighting well.

Mutsuki is fighting Grave Robber. Mutsuki feels they have equal skill with the quinque, so he brings out his kagune. Grave Robber brings out her kagune and notes that they both have bikaku. Grave Robber tells Mutsuki the reason she does not use her kagune is because it consumes more RC cells than the average bikaku. She says that she collects quinque and wants to add Mutsuki's to her collection. Grave Robber now has the upper hand.

Urie blocks Grave Robber's quinque with his and tells Mutsuki to fall back. Urie calls for Shirazu again, and this time he responds. Grave Robber sees that she is outgunned and retreats. Urie realizes Haise is alone and wonders what his situation is.

When Urie, Shirazu, and Mutsuki reach Haise, Urie shocked that Haise has completely overwhelmed the White Suits. The White Suits escape and Haise thinks that they rate around A+ combined. One of the Quinx asks why they were attacked. Haise does not know why they were attacked, but thinks there must be a connection between Rose and Aogiri. He notices Saiko is not with them and asks where she is.

Saiko is getting eaten by Shikorae. A mysterious figure in dark robe and armor saves her. He injuries Shikorae in multiples places with projectiles. The robed giant noticeably has a three-fingered right hand. He leaves right after saving her and Saiko is puzzled. Haise and Mutsuki come running towards her, relieved she is safe. 

Meanwhile, the Aogiri ghouls bicker about the failed mission. Elsewhere, an injured Kanae leans on a building for support. Eto giggles as she watches from atop a road bridge. 

The chapter ends with a winded Tsukiyama entering :re. He says "good evening" to Touka.


  • The title is a pun of "reface."