Comprising (網羅, Mōra) is the fortieth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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The Quinx are investigating Rose. Urie notices Kanae, who he recognizes from the Auction. The hired Aogiri ghouls take that as a signal to get ready.

Kanae leads Urie and Shirazu into the parking structure. Just when they think Kanae is cornered, he attacks them. The White Suits stops Haise, Mutsuki, and Saiko, who were following after Urie and Shirazu. Hooguro thinks they are a bunch of weak kids and wonders why they brought so many members. Shousei tells him it is because the job is important. Haise tells Mutsuki and Saiko to back up Shirazu and Urie.

Mutsuki and Saiko are blocked by Torso. Mutsuki and Torso fight while Torso thinks disturbing thoughts about him. Torso is amazed that Mutsuki is much stronger now, and Torso is injured by Mutsuki's knives. Grave Robber steps in to defend Torso. Mutsuki sees that, like Sasaki said, Grave Robber uses a quinque instead of a kagune.

A flashback shows Kanae explaining the mission to members of Aogiri. Standing on top of a building he tells Shousei, Hooguro, Torso, and Grave Robber that the mission is to get rid of the Quinx. Kanae promises to double the money he already gave them for every Quinx killed.

The flashback ends and the next panel shows the fight between Kanae, Shirazu and Urie. Shirazu realizes his kakuhou is being targeted. Urie tells him to use his quinque, but the haunting memories of Nutcracker prevent him from using it. Urie thinks Shirazu is useless and attacks Kanae on his own. Kanae is overwhelmed by Urie, who grabs Kanae neck and pushes him against the exterior wall column.

An update of the situations shows that Urie and Shirazu are fighting Kanae on the fifth floor, Mutsuki is fighting Grave Robber on the third and fourth floor, and Sasaki is fighting the White Suits on the second floor. Saiko is hiding behind the building on standby. Just as she is thinking whether it was alright to leave Mutsuki as he asked, Shikorae appears.

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