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Sheep and Master, Vision and Corpse (未と師、視と屍, Mi to Shi, Mi to Shi) is the fourth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



In the taxi, Hinami Fueguchi is giving a message to Torso, warning him that he has been eating excessively and that the Doves have set their eyes on him. Hinami requests a USB flash drive. Hinami, due to her heightened sense of smell, warns Torso that his cab and Torso himself smells of blood. She talks about the Quinx Squad. Torso admits that he is not familiar with the group but he heard a rumor that they are humans with built-in abilities. Hinami warns Torso that someone from the Quinx Squad also has a heightened sense of smell. If Torso is caught by the CCG, there is a possibility that information regarding the Aogiri Tree will get leaked from him. Hinami wonders how much the Quinx Squad is just like "brother."

During the 15th day of the Quinx Squad's Torso investigation, Urie and Shirazu visit Akira Mado’s place to obtain their quinques. Akira asks how the investigation is coming along.

In a flashback, Urie and Shirazu receive more photos from Chie Hori and as compensation, they hand in Haise Sasaki’s boxer briefs. Hori Chie explains that one of the pictures was located near a victim and that Torso was just inadvertently taking test shots. The photos seem to have been taken from a short distance. All the victims are scarred. Hori explains that the shots were taken by an instant camera and that the common ones are Polaroid, Cheki and MUJI FILM. Hori takes pictures of Urie and Shirazu with two different cameras. She shows them the photos to demonstrate their differences. Urie states that it looks like the color is faded in the Immortal brand camera, so Hori Chie gives him the camera as a souvenir. The color in Torso's pictures is also faded, which means he is using the Immortal brand. Since Immortal is a foreign brand, Torso must have bought it from a specialty store. They speculate that Torso is someone who does not live so far from the predation sites.

After the flashback, Akira explains their quinques are plain-type bikaku called Tsunagi and also warns them that just because they can use kagunes, they should not neglect their quinques. Akira explains that Chairman Tsuneyoshi Washuu’s father, the previous Chairman, Yoshiu Washuu invented the weapons created to fight against ghouls, the quinques, in cooperation with the Ghoul Forschung Gesellschaft Director Adam Gehner.

The technology continued to improve. In order to compensate for the lack of ability change forms like the actual kagune but maintain the same high physical capability of a ghoul, a hybrid has been made which are soldiers with a built-in quinque called the Quinx. Akira warns them that they are not ghouls despite obtaining such ability. Akira asks if they have seen Sasaki fight at full power, but when they say little about his abilities, Akira warns them to be careful around Sasaki.

On Day 17-21 of the Torso investigation, Sasaki and Tooru Mutsuki question several people who were close to Torso’s victims. Sasaki explains that it seems that all of Torso's victims are all women who have some sort of surgical scar somewhere on their body and that they should focus on areas with surgical clinics.

The Torso investigation reaches Day 25 with the deadline close. Mutsuki is alone at a lookout in a surgical clinic. Suddenly, a taxi stops nearby the hospital and a woman is seen leaving the hospital. Mutsuki suspects a hunter stalking his prey and quickly jumps in to stop the women from entering the taxi. The taxi driver and Mutsuki make idle conversation until he suddenly turns around, grabbing Mutsuki by the neck. Mutsuki tries to break free, and the taxi driver is Torso. He tears his shirt, revealing that he is a woman and has scars.