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Depth (深浅, Shinsen) is the thirty-ninth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



In a CCG conference room, Ui and Kijima discuss the video of Yuuma's torture that Kijima uploaded. Ui asks Kijima what his intentions are, since the video is accessible to civilians. Kijima replies that the video got lots of views. He has already restricted access, since he assumes Rose has seen it. Ui questions if he understands the dangers of using himself as bait to lure out Rose. Kijima says that he is aware of the dangers, but he does not value his life. He says if he was as pretty as Ui, he might care a little. He knows his actions are in violation of the countermeasure law and that he needs to go to an interrogation to be tried by his superiors for misconduct. He tells Ui that if he is not kicked off the team, he will see Ui later.  Ui calls him a maniac.

In the next panel, many civilians discuss the disturbing video Kijima uploaded. Urie and Mutsuki hear them. Urie tells Mutsuki not to worry about what they are saying, and thinks to himself that they are just gawking at something interesting.

At the Chateau, Shirazu asks Haise if he saw the video. Haise says that he did and that he thinks that Kijima's methods are completely wrong. Shirazu mumbles about why it matters if the ghoul are to be killed anyway. Haise does not catch his words.

At the Tsukiyama estate, Shuu tells the servants that it is his fault Yuma was captured. Aliza sits in the kitchen by herself looking distraught. Shuu tells the others that she must be in anguish after watching Kijima's video. He asks them if they went overboard getting food for him. The servants attempt to take the blame for what happened. Shuu tells them that he wants to bring Aliza’s smile back. He says that it would not be wise to do what Kijima wants them to, so he plans to save Yuuma alone.

The scene jumps to outside in the Tsukiyama garden. Kanae serves Shuu tea and asks him what his plan is. Shuu says that the key to his plan is to bring back Kaneki’s memories and convince him to help Shuu save Yuma since he is working as a ghoul investigator. Shuu says that at first he could not believe Kaneki was alive with amnesia, forced to work for the CCG. He promises to work hard to bring Kaneki’s memories back because he thinks Kaneki would never want to work as a ghoul investigator. Kanae thinks that he is happy Shuu energetic again, but he wonders if things will go smoothly.

Kanae contacts Hori and tells him how Shuu reacted to the first picture. She tells him to give Shuu the second picture and quickly hangs up.  Kanae wonders why she hung up so abruptly, and then thinks about how he should always put Shuu’s wishes first.

Later, Haise sits in a park by a tree reading a book. Shuu approaches him and asks if he can sit down, thinking about how Kaneki’s hair has turned black again. Haise recognizes Shuu and allows him to join him. Shuu begins to steer him towards a conversation about books, knowing Kaneki's love for books and Takatsuki Sen. Shuu tells Haise that he has a knack for guessing a person's favorite author. He tells Haise that he thinks his favorite is Takatsuki Sen. Haise surprises Shuu by telling him that he thinks that her stories are heartbreaking because all the important characters die in her works. Haise says that beneath the author’s sophisticated writing are dark emotions, which leads him to believe that she has succumbed to despair and wants to destroy everything.  Shuu is caught off guard, but quickly tries to recover, telling Haise that he would like to talk about books with him again. He is cut off by Saiko.

Mutsuki and Saiko had been spending time at a gaming center, and Haise had been waiting for them. Haise apologizes to Tsukiyama and says he has to leave. Shuu stretches his hand out towards Haise as he and the Quinx walk away. After they leave, Kanae approaches Shuu.

Later, Shuu follows Haise and the Qs around, wearing disguises and hiding under staircases. Shuu tells Kanae that the Qs are in his way and he cannot talk to Haise for decent length of time. Kanae tells him that it is because the investigators operate in teams. Kanae shows Shuu the second photograph Hori provided. It is the missing poster of Kaneki that Hide was putting up in chapter 117 of Tokyo Ghoul. Shuu thinks that he can use it to bring Kaneki’s memories back. Shuu thinks back to a time when Hori asked him if he could really die for some ingredients. Shuu says that he wants to have another light-hearted chat with Hori again and wonders what happened to the rest of Kaneki’s group. Shuu also wonders if the people at Anteiku and the others know that Kaneki is still alive and thinks that they would want to meet him.

The scene switches to a couple of investigators chasing after Hori after she had slipped from their grasp. Her crimes include photographing ghouls hunting, assisting ghouls in hunting, and hacking into CCG servers among others.

Hori evades the investigators and crawls out of a small space.  She thinks that if she keeps doing this then her position in society will drop. She grabs a backpack and runs away, wondering if Kanae will be able carry out the plan to save Tsukiyama. In the kitchen, Kanae looks at a rose and thinks about how Shuu wants to be alone with Kaneki, away from the Qs.

Then Kanae meets with hooded members of the Aogiri Tree.  He holds up a stack of money and tells them that he has a job for them.