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A Certain M (あるM, Aru Emu) is the thirty-eighth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Shuu Tsukiyama races out the Tsukiyama Estate still in his wheel chair, falling face first outside. His maids ask him where he is going in his current state, he says that he is going to see Ken Kaneki. Kanae von Rosewald accompanies Tsukiyama on his way to meet Kaneki/Sasaki. Kanae tells him that Kaneki has lost his memories and will not remember anything. Tsukiyama assures Kanae that everything will be fine and that Kaneki won't forget about him.

They arrive in front of the CCG and Tsukiyama sees Kaneki/Sasaki. He gets out of his wheelchair and starts running towards Sasaki while talking about how they can spend time together once again with Hinami Fueguchi, Kazuichi Banjou and the others. Tsukiyama once more falls face first, this time in front of Sasaki. However, Sasaki doesn't seem to remember Tsukiyama. He begins to help Tsukiyama up and then Kanae (wearing his disguise and worried for Shuu) apologises for the commotion and helps Tsukiyama back to his feet and back onto the wheel chair. Tsukiyama is surprised that Kaneki didn't remember him and Kanae express his surprise at the fact that Tsukiyama acted that way in front of Ghoul investigators.

Sasaki and his squad are then seen at Uta's shop. Sasaki's squad suspects that Uta is a Ghoul and wonders if this is safe. Kuki Urie thinks that they should have investigated a bit more about Uta but he also thinks that Sasaki isn't an idiot and that he probably made this decision knowing that this will be fine. Tooru Mutsuki feels that he has heard Uta's voice somewhere before but doesn't remember where or when. Uta starts taking the measurements of each Quinx and asks them the same questions that he had asked Kaneki in the first series. Sasaki's plan is to wear masks and hide themselves as Ghouls in order to gain more information about the Rosewald investigation.

Sasaki tries to get permission from Koori Ui in order to commence his plan but Koori does not allow it. He says that Ghoul investigators portraying themselves as Ghouls is not acceptable. He feels that it does not fit the image of a 'Hero of Justice' . It is shown in a flashback that Sasaki has lost control and is quite dangerous. Kishou Arima stops him again. Koori seems to be afraid of Sasaki and considers him to be very dangerous. He says that Sasaki is a Ghoul.

Tsukiyama appetite has seemed to return and now he is determined on getting Kaneki's memory back.

On the CCG's website, Shiki Kijima puts up a video where he is shown torturing the ghoul that he captured. He says that the Ghoul wasn't talking so he decided to cut off his tongue. He says that if the Rosewald family wants to save him , they should kill Kijima. Kijima says he is waiting for Rose.

At :re, Uta tells Renji Yomo that he is now friends with Sasaki.