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Corpse's Secret (屍秘, Shipi) is the thirty-seventh chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



In Oasis, Yoriko Kosaka brings the trio their coffee and comments about Takeomi Kuroiwa's similarities to his father. Ginshi Shirazu is surprised that the two had known each other in the past and attended the same elementary school. As a child, Takeomi had to transfer schools often due to his father but had known Yoriko for several years. Yoriko remembers Takeomi had a strong presence and was good at sports.

In the past, Yoriko was a part of a relay during Sports Day despite not being quick on her feet. After falling, her team moved to last place, however Takeomi still had her continue and hand him the baton. In the end, his athleticism advanced their final position to first after he passed everyone in the race.

After sharing a bit about Takeomi's past, Yoriko had to return to work and Takeomi, Shirazu, and Saiko Yonebayashi had to depart as well.

Bench pressing at a gym, Kuki Urie intended on using his broken muscle fibers to spread the Rc cells in his body. He recalls a past conversation with Shiba about Rc pathways, the more one has, the more strength they possess and increases along with the amount of damage their body receives.

Meanwhile, Suzuya Squad concludes their meeting on their current investigation. While they pondered the relationship between the Clowns and Aogiri Tree, Tooru Mutsuki tells them what No Face had said to him at the auction, giving them the idea the Clowns may have known beforehand the plans of the CCG. Upon Suzuya's question about how Mutsuki addresses Haise Sasaki, he replies that Sasaki had been a lecturer at the Academy when he was attending as a junior.

At the Academy, Sasaki leaves the facility and encounters Goumasa Tokage, a former interrogator who emanates a dark presence and is not well-liked by the Academy students. He inquires about Mutsuki, but after Sasaki assures him he has been doing fine, he leaves while cracking his left forefinger.

Kanae von Rosewald asks Chie Hori about Shuu Tsukiyama's depression in a restaurant. Chie simply tells him to tell Tsukiyama that Ken Kaneki was alive but as "Haise Sasaki" since his death is the root of Tsukiyama's depression. Deciding to cooperate with each other, Chie gives Kanae numbered envelops and instructs him to give them to Tsukiyama and respect his wishes.

Upon seeing the photos of Sasaki among the contents of the first envelope, Tsukiyama, still in his frail state, asks Kanae for details.