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Suddenly (ふと, Futo) is the thirty-sixth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Haise Sasaki and Kuramoto Itou are out drinking when Itou announces that his squad leader, Take Hirako, has transferred. Itou became squad leader and the Hirako Squad has become the Itou Squad, but he feels unfit. Sasaki asks about Hirako and learns that he’s now in the Arima Squad. Ever since Koori Ui had been charged with the S1 Squad, the S3 Squad needed someone to fill the role as Kishou Arima's assistant and everyone was excited to have Arima and Take back together. Itou is unsure though and concerned about the investigation with Rose. Sasaki is unsure too, but wants to be supportive.

Later, Sasaki sits alone in his room contemplating the Rose Investigation. His squad is working alongside S1 which is full of elites and he worries that the Quinx Squad would not be able to catch up. Sasaki wonders if their special abilities could be used somehow. He notices his mask nearby and thinks back. Sasaki remembers when he visited Uta at HySy ArtMask Studio and being awed by the unique masks hanging everywhere. He asks Uta if he’d sent the eye-patch mask who confirms that he made it, but it was meant as a gift to a regular customer. Sasaki then asks about the book, “The Hanged Man’s MacGuffin”, but Uta claims to not have sent it. Finally, Sasaki asks about his eyes to which Uta claims were tattooed, the thought making Sasaki squirm. Having all his questions answered but feeling to closer to the truth, he tries to give the mask back, but Uta allows him to keep it. Sasaki has one final thought however and asks if he makes custom masks.

At a ghoul detention center, a member of Rose is being detained. Shiki Kijima watches him and wonders about the best method of interrogation. Hairu Ihei sulks, disappointed that she didn’t get the Ownership Rights even though she felt that she’d done the most work. Taishi Fura chastises her for complaining but can’t deny to himself the she’s scarily talented.

Back at the secluded area where S1 had set their trap, Matsumae’s surprised that Ihei could destroy her kagune wall. She attacks, but Ihei’s reflexes are keen and she dodges every one with ease and severs her kagune. Matsumae puts up another wall, but this time her allies launch attacks through its gaps. Ihei is confident regardless and wants to attack solo. She effortlessly deflects their attacks with her amazing speed and Matsumae begins to worry. Ihei’s even able to dodge at point blank range and injures Matsumae. During the scuffle, Shiki takes the opportunity to capture one of Rose, which Shiki mockingly thanks Ihei for. While Ihei’s confused, Matsumae escapes.

Fura insists that Rose was Shiki’s capture, but Ihei remains annoyed and tries to passive aggressively take jabs at Shiki. She reveals that she was hoping to get praise from Arima who praises no one. Which does not deter her from wanting to work hard and become more praiseworthy than Sasaki and Ui. They talk idly until Shiki interrupts and says that he will handle things his way. Fura reveals that he went by the nickname "Kijima the Chipper" because he used to be an interrogator at Cochlea. Ihei comments that Shiki has also been "chipped off." Shiki approaches Yuuma in his cell and is sure that he’s too loyal to talk, no matter the consequences. Alternatively, he wants to send his friends a "present" and asks where a good place would be.

At the Tsukiyama Estate, Matsumae's bedridden with the household surrounding her. She tries to apologize to the master of the house, Mirumo Tsukiyama, but he dissuades her. Aliza asks about Yuuma, but Matsumae apologizes then Aliza takes off crying. Later alone, Kanae sits by Matsumae, thinking about how what Chie said is coming true. He asks Matsumae her opinion, if she would choose Shuu Tsukiyama or the family. Matsumae asks who exactly his master is which startles him. Having to choose one over the other is nonsense, but he’s stuck making the choice nonetheless. He only hopes that Chie will listen to his request.

In the city, Ginshi Shirazu, Saiko Yonebayashi, and Takeomi Kuroiwa commute together, talking about work and their concerns. Everyone’s been busy lately and focusing on the Rose Investigation has become difficult. Saiko’s only concerned with food to Shirazu’s chagrin, but she convinces them to stop by a bakery. At the bakery, they find Yoriko Kosaka working there. She and Takeomi know each other.