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Dependence (依存, Izon) is the thirty-fifth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Kanae von Rosewald is wondering around the Tsukiyama family mansion in a daze as he thinks about what Chie Hori said about throwing away the family just for his master, Shuu Tsukiyama. He’s broken from his thoughts by Mirumo Tsukiyama, the house Head, asks him to fetch some wine. On the way to retrieve the wine, Kanae continues to think about what Chie said, but brushes it off as human nonsense. Mirumo had taken him in when he lost his family and feels too indebted to betray him. Kanae thinks back to his childhood when he was a young servant and didn’t like Mirumo at first. It’s raining and Mirumo asks Kanae to deliver Shuu an umbrella. He goes out to find Shuu, singing Regenlied along the way. He spots Shuu from afar and thinks about how beautiful he looks in the rain. Kanae tries to rush towards him, but stops when he sees Chie. Shuu makes idle conversation and asks her to take a picture, but Chie denies. Kanae is overcome with jealousy at Shuu’s and Chie’s friendly banter, unable to accept that he can be so friendly towards a human.

Kanae thoughts are interrupted once again as a fevered Aliza bursts into the wine room. Something’s wrong with Shuu and Matsumae is out harvesting. Kanae rushes to Shuu’s room were the other servants have already gathered. Shuu is in a frenzy and they’re unable to calm him. He attacks the servants and Kanae attempts to hold him back. Shuu yells about being the Gourmet and only wanting food that would satisfy his palate. Kanae takes the opportunity to pierce him with his kagune, giving the other servants enough time to drug and subdue Shuu. They lay Shuu in bed who has calmed down, but has no recollection of what just happened. He asks why everyone is there, but Kanae says that they had just been cleaning his room while he slept. His demeanor completely changed, he thanks everyone and is especially appreciative of Kanae who begins to sob.

Later, Kanae runs out of the house overcome with emotion. Repeatedly, he thinks the word “hass” (hate) until he runs into a tree. In his frustration, Kanae repeatedly rams his head into the tree until he collapses and thinks about all the things he hates Chie Hori, Ken Kaneki, Haise Sasaki, and even his own loyalty.

At a secluded area, Nimura Furuta stumbles around pretending to be drunk and cursing his boss until Matsumae and her harvesting group arrive. Shiki Kijima, Taishi Fura, and other investigators close in on them. Shiki notes how good he is at being a decoy. When they realize it’s a trap, Matsumae creates a kagune wall and they attempt to escape. The wall is effortlessly broken by Hairu Ihei who blocks their path.

At HySy ArtMask Studio, Uta is busy listening to music at his canvas when he gets a knock at his door. Haise Sasaki has come by for a visit and Uta invites him in.


  • The song Kanae sings in the flashback is Regenlied (Rain Song), by German poet Klaus Groth.