Great Shape (良い形, Yoi Katachi) is the thirty-fourth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Ginshi Shirazu has a nightmare about his father committing suicide. As his father hangs from the ceiling and apologizes while asking Shirazu to die. A decomposing and monstrous Nutcracker then invades his dream saying that she wants to become beautiful. Shirazu wakes with a scream and Tooru Mutsuki and Saiko Yonebayashi check on him. Yonebayashi does not seem too concerned and just asks if he’s wet the bed.

At the CCG Main Office, Haise Sasaki and the Quinx Squad wait in the S1 Conference Room for a meeting to start. Shirazu asks about the meeting and Sasaki, Kuki Urie, and Mutsuki brief him. Their investigation relates to the Rosewald family, dubbed “Rose”, and are suspected of mass kidnappings. Shirazu wants to know why he wasn’t invited to the previous meeting and is told that Matsuri Washuu deemed investigators Rank 2 and below not worth telling. Shiki Kijima and Nimura Furuta arrive soon followed by the Hirako Squad, though Take Hirako is absent. When Sasaki asks about Hirako, Kuramoto Itou becomes evasive, suddenly asking Sasaki out for drinks to his confusion. The Shimoguchi Squad, and Koori Ui, Taishi Fura, and Hairu Ihei eventually arrive marking everyone as accounted for. During the meeting, Ui goes over the Rose Investigation and the issues they are facing. They’re well organized and leave little traces making them difficult to track. Sasaki mulls over the issues, wondering how they can find an enemy that doesn’t even leave many clues. Ihei stares at him from afar.

Afterwards, Sasaki and his squad go over the investigation’s details when they’re approached by Ihei. The Quinx are surprised to learn that Ihei is only twenty and already partnered with Special Class Investigator Ui and a First Class Investigator. Fura explains that Ihei was a special case who became an investigator at 16. Sasaki interjects that she even participated with Kishou Arima in the Owl Suppression Operation. Urie is displeased to know that someone so talented is around.

Elsewhere, Matsuri and Itsuki Marude meet. Matsuri informs Marude that the S1 Squad is assigned to the Rose Investigation and that he’d like to implement what he learned in Germany against Aogiri Tree. After Matsuri passive aggressively expresses his dissatisfaction with Bureau Director Yoshitoki Washuu, he takes his leave. Marude thinks about the Washuu clan and how they’ve produced many great investigators, but expresses distaste at Matsuri’s methods.

Sasaki takes Shirazu to pick up his new quinque from Dr. Kouitsu Chigyou who’s excited as natural chimera quinque are very rare. He urges Shirazu try it, but he then remembers Nutcracker’s last words and vomits. Shirazu goes outside to get fresh air and Sasaki later joins him. Sasaki tries to comfort him, but Shirazu denies his discomfort from seeing his quinque. Shirazu brings up that the reward for Nutcracker was 1.7 million and questions if that’s a lot. Sasaki doesn’t know the answer.

At the Tsukiyama Estate, Chie Hori visits and meets Kanae von Rosewald in the garden. She expresses concern about his activity and what this might mean for the Tsukiyama family, but Kanae becomes aggravated. Regardless, Chie continues to prob and tells Kanae that he could serve another family, which pushes him to tears and claims that no one else but Shuu Tsukiyama is worth serving. Chie observes their similarities; no matter how much they have it does not matter if they do not have what they want. She says that she has been thinking about ways to try and save Shuu. Kanae is shocked when Chie says that the Tsukiyama family might disappear and if he could throw away the entire family just for Shuu.

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