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Embracing Books (抱く書, Idakusho) is the thirty-third chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



At the Tsukiyama Estate, Mirumo Tsukiyama grieves over his son’s condition. Shuu Tsukiyama has been recklessly eating any ghoul or human and because of a genetic condition due to consanguineous marriages, his kagune is unstable. Mirumo wants Shuu to develop a regular kakuja, but knowing it’s impossible, opens a nearby window, and wails at the top of his lungs. Kanae Von Rosewald comes to check on him. Mirumo calmly explains that he is flustered and wonders what he can do to fill Shuu’s heart.

At the CCG, Matsuri Washuu holds a meeting to discuss kagune markings resembling those of the Rosewald family back in Germany. They are able to deduce they are distant relatives judging by how closely they match. After the meeting, Tooru Mutsuki asks his mentor, Haise Sasaki, if the matchings would be closer if they were close relatives. He explains the closer the ghouls are related, the more likely their kagune markings resemble each other. Sasaki brings up Rabbit and the issues they had with comparing kagune marks.

At an Aogiri Tree hideout, Ayato Kirishima and Tatara argue about rescuing Hinami Fueguchi. Tatara believes security has become too tight since they last broke into Cochlea, but Miza also agrees that Hinami’s abilities are too rare to let go and Ayato thinks a plan is possible. Seidou Takizawa watches from the sidelines and mocks them for being ghouls who show affection. Ayato counters by telling him that Hinami went to stop him, only for Takizawa to remind him that Hinami’s objective was to save Sasaki. Tatara steps in before the confrontation gets further heated. After a brief discussion, Ayato leaves to sit by himself and recalls when he first met Hinami as a new recruit to Aogiri. After being brought in by Eto, he goes to see Hinami who was sitting by herself, crying. Despite insulting her for crying, Hinami laughed feeling relieved because Ayato reminded her of his older sister. In the present, Eto and Noro watch from afar, intrigued.

At Cochlea, Sasaki greets Hinami and brings her books. He apologizes for not being able to bring her more, but she is grateful regardless and refers to him as "big brother." He looks confused, but ignores the title and they start the interrogation. Afterwards, they compliment each other and Hinami again calls him "big brother." This time Sasaki questions her and explains that he cannot be the person he once was so long as he does not have the memories and because he has different experiences. Hinami also acknowledges him as his own person but is also confused, and sad because they are very different but similar at the same time. She thinks a lot of people feel the same way as her though because a lot of people loved Kaneki. Feeling regretful, Sasaki ends the meeting. When he gets a moment alone, Sasaki finds himself more confused than ever, unsure of what to feel about Hinami and her situation.

His thoughts are interrupted by a strange man covered in scars who is amused by his relationship with ghouls and somehow knows his name. The man claims that Sasaki is “famous” but is interrupted by someone calling out to him. The man is Shiki Kijima and will be working with him on the Rose Investigation. Kijima leaves with his partner, Nimura Furuta, who nervously acknowledges Sasaki, who silently acknowledges back.


  • The cover references the cover of Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 33, featuring a split cover of Tsukiyama and Kaneki facing opposite directions.